Pimax 8kx and Windows 11 Stuttering

Hi! I hope I’m not repeating this post, but in which case I think it’s a good thing because I can’t find any information on this.

I am having stuttering peaks using Alyx with Windows 11 and 8Kx. I remember it was a problem that was always there before, but it was supposed to be solved.

I have read through other forums that with other glasses in W11 the solution is to do focus in a different window, but with 8Kx it doesn’t work.

Is anyone having these problems? Thanks.


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I have both off. I also try to do focus in the steam window as some forums say. Last version of pitool and nvidia. I have it at 75hz and using Alyx it crashes. Every 3-6 seconds I get stuttering. I have tried to set the quality to the minimum in Alyx and the image is very smooth, but still with stuttering.

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As I see in this post is something about a “ghost frames”. Using smooth motion sometimes one eye is showing a delay of 1 second. Without smooth motion I have “jumping” frames.

I don’t think it is the same as “stuttering”. It is more like a “jumping frame” appears. I don’t know why.

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