Pimax 8K X Specifications Revealed - Everything you NEED to know!

@SweViver as you are a bit slow Ill put the link up for you he he he.


Since they are going with a single cable solution would it be possible to either upgrade our current 8K headsets so they can properly support Displayport 1.4 or just bypass the scaler (assuming Displayport 1.4 already works) with a firmware update?

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Trying to understand how this can be driven by a current gen GPU with only slightly higher demand as claimed… :thinking:

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@Octofox Because the current headset is already rendering at higher than native 4K to compensate for the scaler and lens distortion. Pimax is hoping to use more of the panel and streamline their lenses so that you wont need to render at higher than 4K.


Pimax has stated that this is not possible for the current headset. It would take a hardware revision.

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