Pimax 8k X Setup guide

So I bought a new 8k X Kdmas Version today on Amazon UK for 620€

How to set it up properly ?

I am already scared for the stuck firmware update in pi tool so what should I do ?

Hi RaiN274, I also bought it, I should receive it on April 25, I hope that we will receive a pimax 8kx and in version 2076! (you never know)
Depending on this, it will be necessary to update to firmware 2002 or 2003 (120Hz)
For me with Pitool 281 or lower because I use PIMAXxr
but don’t panic, to brick a pimax, you have to go!
I invite you to use the forum, you have all the answers to your questions

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Mine should be also delivered in that time window :slightly_smiling_face:
We shall see

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Pimax 8Kx received today, it is version 2076, he just has to test it all! :star_struck:

got mine today, 2076, DMAS (my 5k+ has KDMAS and that’s good enough, DMAS should be even better)
all looks immaculate from the outside, as right from the production line

that might soften the blow for the 12k to presumably being available spring 2024 (my personal guess)


Firmware in 2001, it works quite well, I wanted to flash it in 2003 to test, but it freezes on my PC, impossible, it always comes back to Firmware 2001, this may be due to the thursmasters driver a priori, I will test the flash on another PC
For the rest compared to 5k+, the colors are much better but I have to work on the sharpness

I managed to update the firmware to 2003 on another PC without any problem, the 120 hz works perfectly, I’m surprised by the performance with my 3080, I expected worse, it’s a real pleasure under P.C 2 and D.R 2 with S.S steam 50% and S.S pitool 2 - super happy

mine also came with firmware 2001 and after some testing i updated to 2003 (pitool 284 offered 2002)
i took care about the thustmaster stuff a while ago when i installed it (its a known problem)
120Hz worked with my 2080Ti (driver version 531.61) but as it needs way more performance i will mainly use the 90Hz option

only problem i had was no sound but that was easy to find as pimax has it in its faq

after switching to the speaker setup to 7.1 for the P2NA device i had sound in steamvr

headset works as its supposed to be and to expect (lenses are the same as 5k+ so all problems related to this will be there too)
getting it up and running was as easy as i hoped for, as i had a stable/tested pitool environment from my 5k+
controller needed pairing with the headset (kind of logical if you know how things work, pitool has a button for this and it well made) and room setup started in steamvr as it was detected as new headset