Pimax (8K-X) must work with my Steam VR games or I'm out

I backed the 8K-X model on Kickstarter and read in the comment section that the 8K-x model would not support playing steam Vr games. Is this just misinformation provided by someone or is true and the solution is still under development. This is as much a question for misinformation in the comment section on the Kickstarter page. I was under the impression that the 8K-x model would include a scaler chip making playing current Steam vr games possible.

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For sure, Pimax 8K and 8K-X can work with all steam VR games!


Thank you PimaxVR for your immediate response, in addition I would suggest you might want to check the Kickstarter comment section some comments are suggesting what I asked and are apparantly either just misinformed or are deliberately trying to misinform potential backers.

You misunderstood what was said. I’ve just read it. “suk w. yu” only said that there are no games out there that support native 4k. This doesn’t mean they won’t be playable. Just that they won’t take advantage of the fact that the headset supports native 4k.

This actually is an interesting observation and something I’ve been thinking about and he might be right to a certain extend. Think of an old school game like the first 3d first person shooters like Duke Nukem and the old Doom versions. Now let’s say they’d have an option to render in 4k. Would it look all of a sudden extremely awesome ? No. The models in the game are made for low resolution so even if you’d run them at high resolution, you wouldn’t gain much in quality. It’s like if you have a 640*480 photo, if you show it on a high res monitor it won’t look better. You actually need a higher quality photo to take advantage of a 4k monitor.

The same goes for games not specifically written for 4k. Although some parts will render very nicely, other parts wont gain much in quality I guess.

So Pimax might have been right when they said the 8k-x didnt show much improvement… It would need specific 4k content to make a big difference.

Same for SBS 180 movies (did somebody say PORN ?). They won’t show better on the 8kX until companies start making higher resolution SBS 180 movies.


This pic should help alleviate your concern. :v::wink::+1::tada:

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These are the comments in Kickstarter that gave me the wrong impression, copy and pasted directly here from there. All good and valid questions by Mr. Balletta.
Marco Balletta about 13 hours ago
Oh , i got it now :frowning:
Thank you for heads up. So I guess as for now it is a risk to buy the 8k x.
Sucks :frowning:
I want to play all the games using the bigger fov.
I have another question about vorpx. That woukd not work at all , not even on the 8k?
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suk w. yu about 13 hours ago
At this point, answer is NO. But Pimax team said X version might add upscale capability for 8k X if they can achieve but so far they said its not guarantee. if they can not make upscale capability, X version only gonna work on native 4k games so no Steam or Revive.

Marco Balletta about 13 hours ago
But why the old games do not work on the 8k x? I do not understand.
At this point I am interested in getting something that I can use to play the same games that I play with the vive.
Can I play all the games of the vive and oculus using revive , with the 8k x , yet or no?

Well to answer that on the pimax 4k works with revive with oculus titles. @Enopho has used it to inject dying light to play in vr.

So the 8k models should be fine as well.

Valve is in the pic of companies supporting PiMax.

Thank you Heliosurge, I have owned both the Htc vive and Oculus Rift going on a year and 1/2 now and have built a pretty good library of Steam and Oculus VR titles. I think the Pimax 8kx is going to be great and am very much looking forward to experience this upgrade with the existing VR titles I currently own and the ones in the future once the new Pimax HMD is delivered.


Actually this very thread makes me doubt again if it’s even worth purchasing the 8kX (over the normal 8k). It might work well for traditional (non 3d) 4k movie watching. But for anything else I doubt that it’s going to make much difference. We first need content written for such high resolution panels first. And I highly doubt we’ll see that in 2018.

Then again, there should be SOME improvements. A game rendered at higher resolution is surely going to scale better than just an external hardware scaler. But for the really big improvements you’d need content written for it.

sjefdeklerk I forgot to mention besides my extensive vr library I would look forward to trying youtube or other video app that would support 4k resolution, I view my support of the 8K-X model as a kind of future proofing and since I already own the necessary pc power along with my existing oculus rift and htc vive I’m looking to advance that experience to the highest level possible. Someones who can has to support innovation and greater standards, right?:slight_smile:

Pimax should look into this to fix distortion, from Reddit.

Thanks for the reply

@PimaxVR @anon23564932

Can you please confirm, Will we be able to change resolution settings in Piplay if the steam VR game does not support native 4K?

Will there be a 1440p setting in piplay for 8K X?

We all understand most games will not support native 4K BUT we need to be sure we can change the resolution if it does not support


Hi, let me double check with the team.

We are working with our graphic card partner to customize X for the new graphic card.
i.e. the limited X version, first batch, 400 units globally, is designed for the next generation graphic card, other than old gen graphic card.

The resolution input depends on rendering resolution, the headset communicates with the game to determine the input of resolution based on the GPU capability.
There is not such a term “support” because the headset always supports native 4K as long as GPU is powerful enough. and we can even increase rendering resolution with supersampling.

The output of game resolution depends on display resolution. Given the current GPU capability, 8K headset featured with video processing module in the headset to upscale the input to 8K resolution.

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Thanks for the reply. My question is:

Will piplay have a setting to lower resolution down to 1440p?

If a GTX1080ti is not powerfull enough to run the 8K X @ 4K native will we be able to change the resolution down to 1440p native?

This is what everyone wants to know. Its a simple question


The X is still under testing. We will make sure to consider that as many people have 1080ti.


I think 8 months you have a long time to develop firmware/software for the X model.

Surely you will be able to put this setting in Piplay. Just like current Piplay for the P4K you can choose 1080/1440p

Everyone just wants the option to choose input resolution in Piplay but they want the X model so they are not “restricted” to 1440p


True but the answer she provided at this time is the best one until they have tested & confirmed it works. Otherwise if something goes wrong (imo unlikely); folks are likely to view it as a promise unfull filled.

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Im sure that’s the case but people are pledging hundreds of USD and kinda need to know

@Heliosurge from your knowledge of the P4k hardware and software is this really a hard thing to achieve? Why would this model be stuck with 1 input resolution when the P4k is adjustable? Could it be the 2 screens with seperate inputs?

@anon23564932 The goal we all want is expandability

Pimax 8K X owners want to be able to build a PC that will run native 4K VR

Having a resolution slider would be a key feature

Think of it this way the 8k-X prototype is unlikely to have the final chipsets that they are intending on using. So if the current prototype doesn’t have lower resolution upscaling support at this phase of testing then its best to be cautious til you’ve had time test feature. For example the hardware differences may introduce unforeseen challenges with hardware interactions & require firmware tweaks & optimization.

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