Pimax 8K X - Double/Misaligned Vision

UPDATE: Right after posting this I tried one last time to enable PP, closed/restarted Pitool and SteamVR and all of a sudden it’s working. I swear this thing HATES me!

After an absolute nightmare in just getting my headset working at all (when it flashed/updated during setup it went dark and took many hours to get working by using old versions of PiTool to flash to old firmware) now EVERY title I play, save for Steam VR is showing me “double vision” or “crossed eyes”. I’ve done the following:

  • Flashed to 290 - running Pitool 271 / rebooted
  • disabled parallel projections - rebooted - same problem
  • enabled parallel projections - rebooted - same problem
  • Upgraded to Pitool 273 (latest) - that flashed to 299 - rebooted
  • Same problem - disabled PP again - reboot - same problem
  • enabled PP again - reboot - same problem

I’m now easily 8 hours into just getting this working, haven’t been this frustrated in a LONG time. I’d already have been done if it wasn’t that I want to review this for my Youtube channel - so any ideas folks??

Thanks for any help,


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I recently did a complete clean-install of Windows. I major PITA considering how tweaked and modded all my games are. Just setting up the mods in some games again properly will take me endless hours. (Luckily Vortex data was easy to migrate, so those games governed by Vortex are all set again in just a few minutes each.)

But I had no choice, after a large number of issued cropped up with Steam VR rendering and/or PiTool and or Pimax drivers and or GPU drivers. It was simply unsolvable.

After the clean install I’ve got a VR Rig that’s functioning perfectly again. So if all else fails that’s my suggestion. I did install a second M.2 drive of exactly the same model and size. That way I can perform a sector-clone my boot drive every few weeks as long as things are still working properly. In the event a Windows update, or GPU driver update, or whatever, I can boot from the clone and be back in business in no time. With super-complex setups nothing works as well as a 100% identical sector-clone.


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