Pimax 8k X and Pimax lenses in general. Pimax please put your main focus on lenses and sweet spot. Not pushing out HMD after HMD


I think we all agree that while the HMD’s are good the lenses are not. The sweet spot is to far apart for most and clarity in the center of the image or both eyes is not possible to obtain. In the 8k X this is very apparent as the panels are great and no longer masked by SDE and so on. I really think Pimax should put serious focus on creating quality replacement lenses now and stop the focus on new HMD’s There’s a large enough number already

If i could get lenses with a sweet spot that gives me the clarity i can get in one eye in would happily pay extra for these even though feel like i payed more than enough for free new ones with the price 8kX. What im trying to say though is that the sweet spot needs to be bigger and closer together in width. Or at least closer together. People in my opinion don’t need the sides to be clear, we need the center.

For racing its fine to some extent but in flight simulation we really need a properly sharp image. I know you can do this Pimax

My eyes dont go like this :wink:

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If Pimax could just move the lens sweetspot a little more toward the edge of the lenses the problem would be resolved. It might introduce other problems though.

Yeah i agree. I’ve been using the Reverb G2 recently and notice its easier to focus on things and it has a bigger sweetspot.


Yep, id be more than happy to give up large FOV and go to normal for that though

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I will not buy any Pimax product that shares the same lens design as the current one for sure. So much potential but the lenses ruin it for me.


same over here… its a pitty…


On Monday I will be trying the Plexus spray that supposedly improves the clarity of 8KX lenses. I will let you guys know how it goes.


Good luck. Im afraid it wont magically make the sweet spot bigger :wink:


I’d happily pay decent money for a pair of new lenses.


I completely agree focus should be on new lens.
These lens have too many problems & are not universally compatible enough for the masses.
I’ve reached a point now where I’m done with these pimax lens & I would also not consider another pimax headset until changes were made.
Its the 8kx’s biggest downfall for me & a real shame.
I feel they were OK for a kickstarter product 2 years ago but the problems have been ignored for too long.
The competition has upped the game & if pimax keep dragging this old lens design into new headsets I think more people will just walk away.


I think the Pimax lenses are better than most. Certainly better than Oculus, Vive, GearVR, and Index lenses, at least for me. HP Reverb G2 and Varjo headsets are the possible exceptions.

That said, I do think better lenses would improve clarity and reduce eyestrain significantly.



Thank you for the feedback sir.
We have noticed this question, and forwarded to the R&D team, but we couldn’t promise that the lenses for the upcoming HMD will be change.

As it will be affect the production line, and we need to run tests for the new lenses.
Somehow, it’s great to let us know about the sweetspot issue.



The problem is more the design and placement. Im 63.5 IPD and the center sweet spot of the lenses at minimum is about 66ish (extreme lens mode reported about 70). While canted probably plays a role (but not much as its perfectly fine to hold the hmd straight and looking center spot) its just impossible for me to get a clear view and most of us are around 64ish.

Reading huds in DCS can actually be a struggle on a 4k HMD as its just not sharp. Another thing that does not help here is that the left eye sees the right part and right the left as the hud can be a bit obscured making you use the inner part of the lens more. Thats just not possible on Pimax as you cant go even close to low enough to compensate a bit. Sometimes i need to close one eye and move over. Really shouldnt need to do that.

If they got the minimum to 62-63 or preferably to 60 and made the sweet spot bigger it would be a huge step up for a great many people. That as others mention id be more than happy to throw money at for a drop in replacement.

Definitely due to your IPD. For me, DCS World HUDs are vastly sharper and more readable with the 8kX than something like the 5k+, or 8k+/upscaler.

However, the lens ‘sweet spot’, and the precise IPD alignment that it imposes, are artifacts of the apparently single-element Fresnel lenses.

More advanced lenses could probably solve this, and at the same time improve optical clarity, reduce eyestrain, etc.

I think there’s more to it than that as my IPD is 64 and I can get a clear view in both eyes when IPD is set to… 64, no offset… :wink:

I still think it has a lot to do with lense (eye) to lense (HMD) distance.

Not saying the lenses can’t be improved. Just saying it works for some.


We just need replaceable lenses.
After all, we can easily pull out the lenses and exchange them for new and improved ones.


Everyone is different but id say clear view and full focus crystal in sweet spot both eyes are two very different things.

Ive gone ahead and done the extreme mod on mine and now things are crystal in both eyes center stage looking in and out. No chance in hell to do that on the P5k+ or the 8kX with my 63-64 ish ipd as. I loose a tiny bit of FOV thats it. Now imagine if Pimax just designed this from the start.


Yes its the ipd, never a doubt on that :wink:

Now as i mentioned to DrWilken here ive done the extreme mod and got crystal clear both eyes as my sweetspot is now in the correct place. No more issues. Fiddly due to the ipd slider yes but worth it to me. I wouldnt advice it though


I have a very hard time understanding why they should deliberately make a “bad” design choice and stay with it… There must be a reason… :wink:

Even though some people seem to believe the Pimax engineers are stupid/lazy that is not my observation.


Wasnt meant to sound as harsh. Its within the screen space and lens distortion for them to have another 3-6mm. Im guessing they got to far along to change it and never got back to it. Hopefully they will do so now.