Pimax 8K Wish List

High-Quality Lens
Native Resolution Support
an OLED edition
DP Interface
Focus Adjustment
IPD Adjustment
Eye Protection
Frame Rate
Positional Tracking
Hand Motion
Eye Tracking
Steam Compatibility
Open SDK, Extend SDK

[Please Add~]

We have already confirmed with 3 youtube influencers in Canada, Spain, and Germany to review 8K demo when it comes out on Aug. all of the 3 Vloggers had reviewed 4K before. as far as I know, one of them is an active Pimax forum member.

Why not nominate the Vloggers you trust on the topic? Notice that we’ll have only 2-3 units on Aug, i.e. we can only mail the demo to best fit.


#1 New OLED VR displays

If you use one of the following OLED displays you will have the NUMBER 1 headset in the world!




JDI Japan display

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  • EYE tracking
  • good lens
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Presence effect as oculus or vive

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Is an OLED Edition coming out at the same time as the LCD?

If so and it has a DP interface. I’ll really be sold on the 8K.

Here is one more for the list.

Wireless capability via TPcast or other devices or in house solutions.

At present unless a 4k oled comes out. The oled would likely be dual oled qhd

I’ll wait for the tech then, it’s a shame. But I think the tech is so behind right now I can afford to invest in a High res Headset and wait 3 years for the industry to move forward.

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Not interested. QHD is not future proof for 2018


We know you have something to share about the OLED panels you will use?? :slight_smile:

There are currently no oleds in 4k as of yet.

So yes 4k oleds at this point very future proof. :joy::joy:

According to what? the current mobile consumer market? There is a massive boom going on right now in VR hardware, especially in asia. Look at the trade show in that BOE link. Japan display is right next to their booth! These companies are crying out for orders. All it takes is a company like Pimax to place a significant order for these screens and its all on

Kopin slated sometime in 2018 after factory built.

& if mem serves i think its 3k panels they showcased @ possibly $50/panel.

Xunshu has something up his sleeve I know it

Just remind yourself the crescent bay prototype (CV1) is more than 2 years old now. The Pimax 4k… God knows how long ago they finalized the hardware on that. Its further along than you think

2016 on pimax. If the screen isn’t made yet how old the headsetsvare irrelevant.

Lg is making tge next steamvr headset with qhd oled

Lg makes display panels.

Plus if you want future proof qled will replace oled lol

Plus StarVR uses dual qhd oled @ 210°fov & claims has come up with nearly invisible pixels! Too bad its not for consumers.

  • I think native screen resolution is a really important one. If you’re going to use the same Sharp panels as before I think you guys need DP 1.4 because lower DP versions don’t have DSC compression. Either way make sure we can run the display’s at native resolution.

  • Ergonomics ! Please ensure that the ergonomics of the headset suit Caucasian people too, the Pimax 4k isn’t optimal here. Also, you might want to consider a system where the main part of the weight pressure is on the forehead and not on the nose/cheek area (see the new microsoft Acer AR )

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I highly doubt an OLED 4k screen is being mass produced at the moment. If Samsung was close they’d probably release the Note 8 with such a screen but it seems they’re going for 1440p again. And BOE needs to build the factory first for those highres panels you linked. That’s years away. And the upcoming Kopin displays are not suitable for high FOV headsets like the Pimax 8k.

I’m guessing 2018 though. Pimax already showed that they quickly can replace the panel with another type :wink: So if Samsung releases an 4k OLED next year, then Pimax could probably quickly release the Pimax 8k v2 :slight_smile:

Just wondering what the FOV would be on the vertical access.

Add wide binocular overlap to the list.

FYI, peripheral vision is much more sensitive to, designed to pick up movement. Even though pixels in the far edges may be available in the 8k version it may not be necessary to drive them at the high resolution in that area, but rather ensure that movement is picked up appropriately.

However, it is possible to train your vision to see … or rather process, I think it’s a practice mind eye connection thing, much clearer peripheral vision.

Food companies, for example beer companies, have their taste masters, with parameters they watch very closely and have an in-house designed set of metrics, probably often trade secrets. I’d have such a group of employees, and more importantly a list of parameters and metrics, subjective and objective.

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Xunshu what fov are you guys aimimg for with the 2.5k oled vision?

You mentioned eye tracking which implies foveated rendering " if you guys are doing what I think your doing go for it!! I don’t believe those other guys when they said they Have patents anyways.

The problem with Star VR is no Postional Tracking or Controllers right?

In terms of just screens and lenses.If there is no SDE with 180 degree FOV or more + Positional tracking+ Controllers it would be a huge victory.