Pimax 8k User Just Installed the Latest Pitool V1.109 Working!

This morning found out the new Pitool was released after a post on reddit and then this forum.
Was questioning myself if I should take the risk since the earlier version 90 had been working well for me and given the current state of support new it would be a gamble and said Ah well what the hell.

Here’s a brief summary of what I’ve experience after a couple hours use.

Download process;

first updated to latest Nvidia driver. Was a couple back.
then taking @Heliosurge suggestion to disconnect hmd downloaded the new Pitool saved.
Installed latest Pitool version
Just a note did not remove the prior Pitool version before installing
Connected Pimax 8k
Everything connected
started steam vr and noticed the chaperone boundaries were reversed, thought oh well just reran room set up ok great now to try a game picked the least optimized game to try the new features 24g download of Fallout 4VR.

Looked and ran terrible, thought I hope this isn’t it. OK try different game.

SkyrimVR heavily modded 200 with hd packs, hadn’t played in a while but a good one to try.

After uploading looked bad somethings wrong I see this strange artifact in the center when I turn. What the?

Noticed I had parallel projection on, turned off. fixed problem.

Image not as sharp what the? Figured I didn’t have the SKSEVR running exe through Nvidia.
Changed problem fixed.

I say this because for others don’t forget there are many variables that can effect your experience so do not be quick to blame the Pitool version.

Now after only a couple hours use I can see that it is going to be fine. My picture quality is better than ever and scaling is perfect (a chair looks like a chair I can sit on in game and not a kids size chair you find in a kindergarten class.

Need to use it more for a more complete review

64hz Pitool 2 large fov maxed Nvidia settings 16x 8x 8x.

Seems pretty good so far with my computer and 8k.:+1: