Pimax 8k Upgraded Head Strap ETA and Design

I remember it being said that the upgraded head strap was very easy to design and make by Pimax. Is there any update to when we will receive it?

If it is still in the design process, can it please not be the crown design. That design does not work for heavy, and front heavy headsets. Is it possible to have a rigid back design like the Oculus Rift, except with actual padding on the back, like the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap.

If possible, please design it so there is little weight, or pressure on the front of the headset, similar to the Oculus Rift strap. The crown design, which I have been testing with parts I have, is very painful on the forehead with the Pimax 5k/8k because of the heavy, and front heavy design.



I really do not like the oculus headstrap due to the shape of my head. It doesn’t grip properly at the back and the rift would slide down my head. I have to use the headband in an odd way which also made it very uncomfortable to wear.