Pimax 8k Slogan Generator

A few of my favorite ‘s:

Easy, breezy, beautiful, Pimax 8K

Reach out, and touch Pimax 8K

Whatever your into, get into Pimax 8K

I can’t believe it’s Pimax 8k

Pimax 8k. Forget the rest.

One Pimax 8K is better than two of something else.

Connect with Pimax 8K

Happiness is Pimax 8K shaped…lol

Pimax 8K. Let the games begin.

Now with 50% more 8k

You always got time for Pimax 8k

Pimax 8K - Your game.

Pimax 8K - enjoy the difference

Built Pimax 8K tough


Pimax ,not just looking ahead


As I posted on another thread…

The Pimax 8K - Expand your horizons.


Like the series: “The Expanse”.

I keep seeing Don Draper when I read these…

Pimax, the END of HTC!
Screw that shit company with worst support ever. Vive Pro my ass…

Pimax 8k - finally immersed.
Pimax 8k - VR without boundaries!
Pimax 8k (and) no boundaries!
Pimax 8k - from gamers for the gamers!
Pimax 8k - VR like nothing before!
Pimax 8k - get totally lost in the beauty of VR!
Pimax 8K - Keep it real!

Pimax 8k - finally here! :wink:

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself:grimacing:

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Pimax 8K total immersion VR
Pimax 8K total immersive VR

How about

Pimax 8K Forever

…anybody like Duke Nukem… :laughing:

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Pimax 8K Fuck Yeah !


Pimax. 8K days later…


Pimax - the next step. (I like simple and conservative slogans)

And for the product name: pimax horizon

And HTC laying off 1500 staff IIRC…