Pimax 8k sde i have a solution!

Good morning everyone, I managed to eliminate almost all the effect SDE and better the level of black, I’m testing before posting the details, thank you

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As far as I know you can’t . There is supposed to be an option to change the brightness coming in later software updates but I don’t think they are planning anything for changing colour settings.


Try adjusting the brightness from your graphic card control panel. I was able to do this for my 4k…

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Steamvr Night Mode grayed, I can’t tick this option. Is it impossible on Pimax?

Ideally they will enable this option.

And each user chooses whether to set brightness.

For the opinions… I think that is the only thing that Pimax 8k would lack… To be able to increase the brightness in a manual way.

you can use also reshade with some filters and effects


We will add the brightness option to Pitool. The user could adjust the different brightness level as you wish.


Thank you @Sean.Huang

That is great

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I think the 8k would benefit the most from the mCable, too bad its an hdmi one and not display port.

How did you eliminated the SDE ?

People apparently try things like two sheets of laminating pouches you can use for ID cards, cut to the correct size. The aim is to filter the SDE out.

Example below is using an Oculus Rift HMD.


I’ve been gaming since 800*600 was the standard, I’m used to seeing pixels. When AA first started appearing as an option on games I thought it was a gimmick, I would rather see a piny pixel of someone’s head peaking out behind a wall than a full screen blur to make fine details less pixelated, then I miss some little detail because it was blurred into the background too much.

People who hate SDE are the same kind of people who want a soft suspension so they can’t feel a single bump on the road and they don’t care if they have poor handling. People who hate blur are the ones who want firm suspension because they don’t care about bumps and they want in fact to feel the road.

8K panel has some kind of pentile or sub-pixel sharing going on and then the image is upscaled on top of it, so if you really love blur (I mean hate SDE cough) then 8K is perfect for you, so yeah go ahead and put some fabric softener sheets or something in front of the lenses I guarantee you won’t see a single pixel. If you would rather actually see what the technology is offering rather than hiding it, then just get headset with a sharp image and no tricks.


This is a great result. Looking at the publishing date the video seems to be from DK1 days. Do you know which materials exactly have been used to filter the SDE?

Apparently, the extra $100 for the 8K (compared to the 5K+) can instead be spent on $1 or less to get some laminate…

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glue some laminate or plastic clingfilm onto the empty frames from an old pair of glasses , sort of softens the image quite a lot

As others have mentioned, since the lenses are easily removed and there is a dust shield behind them it is actually possible to put films/etc in between the two. All you need is a suction cup to take the lens out. Just make sure that the material you are inserting won’t scratch the lens or the dust shield.

All this has been done since the time of the Oculus DK1, but it blurs the image. The idea is to do the same leaving the image clear.

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I did the mod on my dk2 many years ago. Anyone who is still using the dk2 should do it.
The difference was night and day. I can imagine it is the same as going from odyssey to odyssey+.
Yes, it is blurring, but it depends on the protection foil in how much area it is blurring. If you use the right foil, the result is really good and not blurring the overall image (neighboring pixels) at all. I used a mate protection foil of a samsung note 3 as i read online was giving best results.
After receiving cv1 i was disapointed about the sde but did stick with it because of the much better overall experience.
After using the vive i was certain that i will mod it with that foil, too. I even went to ifixit and studied the disassembling, but after realising that part of the screens are glued to the surrounding frame i dismissed the idea and bought a Pimax 4k instead…
Maybe after receiving my pimaxes i will mod my odyssey and see if it is worth it - if the disassembly is possible without damaging it.


Tried some stretch film with my OGvive that has the gear lens swap , the screen door is less noticeable but the image slightly blurred ,a bit more comfortable to look at though