Pimax 8k+ recent comfort kit adjustments recent request potentially solved!

So I decided to pull my comfort kit off a couple days ago to take some through the lens shots with my phone. I put it back on and have used it for the last few days. When I picked it up today I noticed the comfort kit was loose. I made sure to seat it properly and noticed it’s hard to seat at the top ( I had to use a butter knife to guide it). And to my surprise I am much closer to the screen then I have been for the 4 weeks I’ve owned the device! Edge distortion is gone! So I am wondering if they are not getting seated properly at the factory or coming loose during shipment?


Maybe i had the same problem with my 8kplus :face_with_monocle:


It’s a tight fit and we did have to reseat a couple of the samples at CES. We will make sure and double check the CK seating on outgoing units.


2 things

  1. left from the buttons and led - is that a crack?

  2. can you mount the comfort kit to you 5k+ backer unit and compare if problems like distortions are gone too?


it’s a thread, the pic is very high res so you can click zoom in on it.


That’s a hair and I sold my 5k+ a couple months ago.

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The comfort kit is not primarily what reduces distortions on the 8kX. I am not entirely sure precisely to what extent changes to optics and software does this, but it is obvious that swapping a comfort kit on an older headset will not result in any similar degree of improvement.

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Maybe @mixedrealityTV could try this on the other models as pimax selling point on comfort kit is it improves fit.


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