Pimax 8K received (Backer #69)

Another Pimax 8K in Spain :slight_smile:

But unfortunately, until evening I’ll can’t test it and post my impressions :sweat_smile:

The package arrived well, but the box (the inner one) is a little dirty :expressionless:

Here are a couple of picture of the unboxing


Nice one enjoy can’t wait for us all to receive ours.

Box does look dirty. I hope that is not reflected on the unit inside too. I keep all my boxes for resale value and that would piss me off.

Looking forwards to your opinions.

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I think it’s like a dust from the outer box and inner box being nr black isn’t helping. Pretty sure it wipes off. Although that knock on the corner won’t! :anguished:

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Yes, the dust wipes without problem :wink:

The knock will harder to fix :sweat_smile: but if the Pimax works well, I don’t mind.


What do you mean can’t test until evening? Where are your goddamn priorities?! :joy:

I’ve finally could test the 8K, and the first impression is WOW :grin:

I’ve alredy had the PiTool instaled (.74 and updated to the .84), and a lot of Steam games to test.

So when I plug the Pimax 8K to the PC, the Windows install the drivers (automaticly) and when I open the PiTool, it update the 8K Firmware.

Then, I disabled the Ligthouse (I don’t have any), put the Rendering Quality to 1.5, activate parallels projection, large FOV and start the PCars 2 from the PiTool.

The ingame settings was the default ones and the Steam Rendering was 100%. I didn’t measure the FPS, but the experience was AWESOME.

I couldn’t saw any SDE and the graphic quality was very good (similar to the 4K). There was distrosion in the edges but is barely noticeable (at least for me), so I’ll keep this FOV :grin:

I’ve done a couple of laps in Laguna Seca, and then change to Elite :wink:

The results were te same, amazing experience and easy launched from the PiTool.

But this time, the differences from the 4K are more noticeable, at least in the Text. The 8K was less clarity than the 4K, but the text is still readable without any problems :wink:

This evening I’ll do more tests, but for now I’ve to stop.


Thank you so much for your impressions! Please keep writing more when you have the time! :smiley:

Thanks for sharing.

What is your PC Configuration ? From what I understood, you need some heavy stuff to feed the 8k at 1,5 on Pitool and 100% Steam SS. :grin:

)I’ve a Ryzen 2700X + 1080Ti.

I thought that would be short for 1.5 PiTool + 100% SteamVR (It said the render is 19761*9646 per eye :sweat_smile:) But in the couple of games I tested, It works like charm :grin:

So I’m sure the Steam render doesn’t work correctly (or at last at that resolution :laughing: )

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That’s crazy. I’m 13 spots away from you (first batch # ) and I haven’t even gotten a tracking number.

I’m a few spots below him and still haven’t gotten a tracking number so the backer number based delivery order is already out the window…oh well at least I’ll have RDR2 to occupy my time in a few days.

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You guys are checking your spam/junk mail folders aren’t you? I have seen several complaining they have not gotten it only to look and find it was sitting in there.

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Here I post my impressions of the first day with the Pimax 8K :slight_smile: (in Spanish)

With a couple of pictures of the HMD :wink:


Yeah I checked my junk mail folders also. The original decision email came through fine anyway though so I expect that my tracking email should come through fine…whenever it happens

Tell more about Project Cars. How’s the clarity in the distance? Colors and lights. How many NPA cars can you run with? If you include rendering, does it help make things better?

Yesterday I only did a couple of practices, with a lot of laps but without any other car:sweat_smile:

First I start with the Graphics quality in Low, and then turn to Medium. And with the PiTool Settings at 1.5 and SteamVR at 100%, it was playable without any problem.

Today I’ll do a full race and hope it still be playable :wink:


Yo can anyone do us a favor and translate?

Uffff can’t wait mannn. Do you have a reddit? If yes can you post this in reddit.com/r/vive ? People need to know pimax is the real deal now.

This evening I’ll do more tests, update my “review” and then translate it :wink:

I have a reddit user, so I’ll post it there too :slight_smile:

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