Pimax 8k Plus disconnects all the time. Error 10600 mostly, but sometimes other numbers

I’ve now spent a solid 4 hours trying to get the Pimax 8K Plus to be stable, but right now it keeps disconnecting all the time. My longest flight in DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) so far is about 2 minutes before the screen goes black, and I get a message that the Pimax has disconnected from SteamVR.

I’ve flashed my bios on motherboard to latest, updated to latest GeForce driver, patched Win10, tried 2 different display ports, 6 different USB slots(2.0/3.0/powered/unpowered), updated PiTool to latest version, updated USB drivers, flashed bios in the Pimax headset to latest and SteamVR on latest version. But it still behaves erratically.

I’ve basically tried everything Google and this forum has to offer.

PSU : Corsair 850W
CPU : Intel I7@3.5k
GPU : GeForce RTX 2070
RAM : 32GB