Pimax 8K Plus and Valve Index for sale

Hey there.

I still have my index, and Reverb G2 will come also soon, and my kid as I would prefer to use only the G2, so I’m selling the Pimax and the Index.

If Interested let me know. Both of them are lightly used, no marks or scratches…

Pimax 8K Plus - 800 Euros
Valve Index full kit - 1100 Euros (we know how much are on ebay)

Payment via paypal for safety.



Keep in mind there are Tutorials to allow using your Index Controllers with Lighthouses can be used with the G2.

Yeah, that’s no solution compared to native LH tracking.

The reason is that with WMR boundaries, the room is recognized and rotates ever so slightly away from you. It is not 100% in the same position after you turn it off once and let it recognize the room again. Half a degree of 360° is already enough to mess up your non-relative Index Controller Tracking by several millimeters if you are not in the center of your room. The Controllers exist in a separate room from your Headset, and that room does not know where your headset is natively - it only knows what WMR feeds it - and WMR approximates and rotates its entire space by a few degrees even. Usually that is no issue - as the WMR Controllers are tracked relatively to your WMR HMD. But in this case: Your hands will be beside of where they are in reality.

You have to re-run the calibration process each time you start up the headset. I am speaking from experience. Unfortunately.


thanks, I just want to have something to play from time to time, I am not a regular gamer, nor my kid which spend more time in Steam home instead of games…

G2 is more than enough


Headsets like the G2 many under estimate there value of not needing LHes as there are many benefits.

It was too bad AntVR seems to have dried up. There Cyclops headset had some neat ideas. Roomscale ir carpet and didn’t use LHes. Shutter glass peak window to see keyboard.

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