Pimax 8k no upscaler and vitualLink connector?

Just a thought, with new cards supporting the new VL connector which should allow true 8k from the card to the headset, do you think pimax will offer a version of the ‘8k’ with no upscaler and the new connection so that we can send the ‘8k’ signal from the PC to the headset?

I realise that the first gen cards may struggle to send ‘8k’ for all games to the headset but steam would be able to down sample if this is not possible on some games. With the possibility of foveated rendering in the future and pimax selling eye tracking eventually the thought just crossed my mind. But it’s probably pi in the sky for the moment.

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Yes it’s called 8kx :wink:



Short answer - Not at this time.

Long answer - Your question is based upon false assumptions, they are:

  1. NVidia is the ONLY video card manufacturer in the market and being used (they are not).
  2. Everyone using VR will IMMEDIATELY upgrade to these cards as soon as they are released.
  3. If the PC user in question does upgrade they they will pay whatever price to be on the versions of the card with VL.
  4. Everyone getting the new NVidia cards is doing so for VR and the VL connector
  5. Everyone upgrading and using VR is a Pimax Backer

As has been stated before, on other threads here, developing/re-engineering the headset at this time to take advantage of the VL connector is targeting a niche within a niche within a niche - in essence targeting a market of maybe a few DOZEN people worldwide.

Just doesn’t make good business sense at all…


Thanks for the laugh :smile:

Virtual Link will be on future Amd cards; there all part of that consortium.

But it dosn’t eliminate the need for 2 video connections in the 8k-X.


Indeed, VirtualLink doesn’t offer more bandwidth than DP 1.4; we’d therefore still need two connections for 2x4K@90Hz (if not compressing) but the VL connectors would be able to replace additional power supply and data (USB) connection.


It almost sounds like niche inception

I understand that it doesn’t have the correct connection

I didn’t make any assumptions. I understand perfectly that these are new cards that hardly anyone will own for a long time. I simply wanted to know if there was a chance they would bring such a headset to market in the near future because I’d rather wait than buy a 5k plus then upgrade again too soon.

I’m still confused about where I made and assumptions in a question that was clearly based on conjecture

The 8k-X has 3 bridge chips & requires 2 display inputs; Virtual Link will not change this.

Old headsets can still have Virtual Link on tge gpu side.

I’m sure the answer is yes, except for the “near future” part. The next logical headset in the progression is an 8KX+: 2 x 4K “native res” screens, an “integrated” scaler, maybe OLED panels, etc. I’d expect to see it in 2-3 years.

If Pimax decides to kickstart it, I’d pledge for one, but only in a few years. I won’t upgrade, until it makes sense. If they offer an 8K DIY upgrade, I’d probably update sooner.


I think Pimax would be well served to invest in developer specific support for apps on their platform to leverage all of the currently unused VR optimizations on existing Pascal and Vega cards, especially since these new GPUs are insanely expensive.

I mean, think about it. Pascal cards have the ability to do Simultaneous Multi Projection, Multi Res Shading, VR SLI, and a whole host of other optimizations. Developers have not been incentivized to develop these features, but now that we know that Pascal and Turing will exist simultaneously for a while, we might as well get the most out of those cards.