Pimax 8K is showing as a secondary monitor but PiTool is not detecting DP

Anyone else have any solutions? Nvidia settings shows the pimax detecting but PiTool will not recognize it

It powers on, green LED, screens are on, but all I see is my desktop. It’s like Win10 is taking priority over the headset or something.

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Hi were you a backer?

Can you post system specs and pitool version?

Sure, and yes I was. I am running the latest PiTool version v1.0.1.255


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Okay well there is a newer pitool v258. I would maybe disconnect headset reboot and Reinstall pitool. Once pitool installed connect headset.

Just to confirm you don’t have a pimax 4k headset as well?

So I got to work after playing around with some settings in my bios and reflashing the firmware, I did a multitude of things but now my tracking is off. It shows my headset is on top of the base station like so.

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For this will need someone with Lighthouses to help.

Thank you, so I got it working tracking wise but now I am also getting this flickering double image issue. https://community.openmr.ai/t/constant-flickering-not-seen-anyone-else-with-this-exact-issue-pimax-5k-xr/19688

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For Double image try Parallel Projections.

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