Pimax 8k iracing

Figured I would post a short review about the 8k and iracing as I know that there is going to be a lot of sim racers egar to know about how the headset functions with iracing

I couldn’t be more impressed. I did have issues with the initial setting up process with pitool and a few other little details but the members of this forum board as well as previous topics posted on here provided enough information to solve those problems and get going.
Once I had the headset up and running it didn’t take to long to tweak some of the graphics settings to get a very quality image and stable fps in iracing. The field of view is a game changer, so for those of you wondering if this headset is that big of a step up from a rift or a vive and can personally tell you it 100% is. The image is better but not mind blowing better, but if it’s just one step up in the image department it’s 10 steps up in the field of view department.
There are a few things that you have to change with what we have been programmed to do with a rift or vive as far as a few settings in the iracing rendererdx11 file but that’s a topic for a different day.
The only knock I have so far is tracking issues with the vive base station. I was primarily a rift user so I’m not to familiar with them and never was able to figure out a way to get the headset to track proplerly and when I did get it paired in pitool and steamvr the tracking wasn’t the best and created some issues in game so I turned off light house tracking in pitool and just ran iracing With the the headset tracking. It’s not perfect because it does limit you forward and backward head movements but I’m sure I will be able to eventually sort the issue out in the coming days.

In summary I will tell all of you either still egarly awaiting your Pimax headset or those of you on the fence about getting one when it comes to iracing I say go all in.


As Iracing is the game i’m gonna play with this headset, could you describe the settings you have changed to make it work?
How is the overall performance,
And what hardware do you use?
I still have some time to update my computer before my headset will arrive.

I also use pimax 5k+ with iRacing and came from a Vive Pro (which is also pretty demanding), and I changed none of the settings. Maybe because I already had the vive base stations and steamVR setup before. The only thing you should change, if you do, is the Pixel Density (SS), in the DX11Renderer file for iRacing.

I have a GTX 1080ti with a i7 7700 3.6

The biggest setting that is massively different is the pixels setting. Keep in mind this is for the 8k. I have a 5k pre ordered but haven’t tried one yet. I think I landed at around 80 from the original open vr setting of 130. Once I got that down I pretty much had the vast majority of in game settings cranked up to high outside of the obvious which is no dynamic objects, and I have paricals and car detail set to low. I also have the shadow map stuff turned off. This is also on normal field of view in pitool. When I switched to Large the fps hit the floor and honestly there isn’t a huge difference with how much you see between Large and Normal I.M.O. To me you can see enough with the normal FOV

It performs flawlessly. Locked 79 to 80 FPS with absolutely no dips in frame rate. I did feel like at first it could be smoother so another helpful setting is changing the the pre rendered frames in Nvidia Control Panel from the global setting of 1 and turning it up to 3

Those are just a few things that I found but have only spent about 3 to 4 hours in game so I’m sure I will continue to fine tune as the days go on

On a side note if you or someone else wants to bring me up to speed on the base station setup it would be very helpful. I only purchased one base station because I didn’t think I would need two for iracing but maybe that’s the issue?

Hey @Cmorg and @MikeJeffries.

Are you guys running iRacing through Steam or just the normal way through the website.

Going through the website the only adjustments to the rendering you can make
are through the renderer_dx11 file.

Pitool and SteamVR have no effect on anything. You can put Pitool on 2 and SteamVR on 500% and makes no difference.

My question is if Pitool makes no difference where you set it, is it working as it should? Where would Pitool be defaulting too in this instance? Would Pitool even be working properly?

Basically, just going through the website would I be maximising my visual quality just using the in game Resolution Scale Percentage.

I think I need to generate a Steam key to find out.


For iRacing, I change the OpenVR SS sample setting to change the SS. At Default, I believe iRacing had it at 116 (or 116%). But I read in the forums that you can go to 130% but anything above that is unnoticeable although it gets to be more taxing on the computer for no reason.

In the iRacing Forums, there’s a VR section where one of the guys put up a kind of iRacing VR Guide/Bible. It was pretty thorough and I used it for my Oculus and Vive Pro. But I used it as a starting point of where it should be set to. Although, if I remember correctly, they give you pretty low settings and tell you to increase the settings from the ones he listed until you get to something you like.

I have also heard that no outside SS is supported by iracing so what I landed on was pitool setting of 1.0 and I believe the video setting I went to with the 8k in steamvr was the recommended 50% setting that steam showed as exceptable for the the resolution and graphics card demand. So I set those to where I knew that wouldn’t make a unnecessary pull on my GPU. For my computer I can only go up to 95 pixels setting in the renderdx11 file in iracing. Any more than that starts to effect my FPS in iracing for the 8k. The image quality is still good and it runs smooth as silk there so that’s where I ended up

I race with iracing every day!
I currently use oculus CV1.
I have already reserved pimax 5k +.
I would like to know that my PC system is useful for 5k +.
I also want to know the graphic settings of everyone.

My system
i7 7600k
16 gb RAM
RTX 2070

When you say headset tracking instead of light house tracking, does this mean you don’t need the light house for iRacing?