Pimax 8K (Horizon) Rebrand #Wip (NOT OFFICIAL) V.2

Hi again! As many of you may know I’ve been working on a rebrand for The new Pimax VR. This is what I’ve got so far.

Please let me know what you think!! :grin:

PS:Promotional designs are on the way!


Looking good. Could you try one with “8K” also

Horizion 8K. Maybe on the blue ine in the middle

Like this but use much cooler text :wink:

How can’t you understand that the “polygonal chain” and the definition of “horizon” can not be combined? This logo can’t represent a horizon line, this is logo for a corner, distorted perspective or camera frustum part. :slight_smile:
This “broken horizon” idea IMO is not a good presentation for a headset, that still has distortions issues.

Horizon, logically, is a horizontal line or a convex arc. The second is more suitable for VR headset with a wide FOV.

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The second point: the using of “horizon” as the brand name in the coming years will be too banal in the light of “Horizon Zero Dawn” success.

I came up with Horizon, but what about the name of any beautiful landscape from China? A different name for each product. "Pimax (One beautiful chinese landscape)"

I just would avoid using a number corresponding to any supposed hardware specification.

It likely wouldn’t translate well for other countries.

I would like to says,as a backer, that i am absolutely fine with the actual name.