Pimax 8k "Headstrap" and stereo earphones

While using pimax 4k i’ve noticed it wasn’t hold on my head very well and it felt a little bit weird when i was trying to look around too quickly. Later i have added a Nolo marker that made a headset even more heavy and uncomfortable, but then it reminded me on someone pointing that pimax earphones solve that, so i’ve tried it and indeed it changed a lot, like it was designed to be used especially with earphones and not really suitable for use without them.

The first time i looked at the pimax 8k picture on kickstarter i thought: "Hm, this looks amazing, it looks very steady, it has no earphones and probably must be designed to wear with no earphones. So i have ordered a new headset, a good one wireless headset for games (steelseries 840).

Today, when i was checking the kickstarter page (as i’m usually do 100500 per day) i have noticed 2 things:

  1. the picture says its ‘a prototype’ picture
  2. tech specs says there will be a set of stereo earphones!!!

Could you guys please reveal some more info about head strap of a consumer version?

  1. is it intended to be used without pimax earphones with same comfort?
  2. does it has same design as on the kickstarter page?
  3. do you recommend to use pimax earphones for best possible experience or its completely optional?

This is very important for me, because these wireless headphones cost more then 300$ and i really dont want to find out in december that purchasing them was not a good idea since headset feels (holds) better with pimax earphones.

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The packages all include headband without earphone, but you can use your own earphones. Meanwhile, we have a headband version with earphones, and we are considering upgrading the headband in kickstarter packages to the version with earphones, as a thank you gift to our backers.

The head band in kickstarter package looks similar with the first prototype.
head band with earphone looks like this, you can adjust the positions of earphone and size of the headband:

You can either use your own earphone if it has great audio quality or you can use Pimax earphones.


Yes, please upgrade to the included headphone version. Also, please make sure the quality of the headphones is at least as good as the oculus rift 's


I don’t understand why all headbands couldn’t just have a single design so that attachable earphones and wireless transmission accessory could all be attached to it separately (with hidden cable runs in the headband). and also so that everyone can get the exact same headband.

As someone who dealt with audio wires on headphones with a vive for a year before I got a deluxe audio strap, as long as the audio quality is decent, the convenience of incorporating headphones in the headband is a much welcomed gift to us backers!

I remember them mentioning it, but did they ever confirm headphones/strap as a gift, or are we still waiting on this confirmation?

There has been no direct confirmation.

Please include this, as an oculus rift owner I would not want to pay so much more for your headset only to get a downgrade in convenience and quality


As an owner of the Vive and Rift from launch, one of the well-discussed main advantages of the Rift was integrated headphones and better headstrap (comfort). The vive had the advantage of spare usb socket and headphone connector but really should have improved on head strap/earphone integration from the start. This lets the Vive down a lot! I bought the deluxe headstrap for my vive and it’s very nice, but my mind boggles why this isn’t now integrated.

This is one part I feel shouldnt be an accessory, its an integral part of a VR headset, audio and comfort! Please not only consider this for KS backers, but overall… don’t make them an accessory (other than for replacement spares) and just include with ALL headsets from day 1.

EDIT: Oh, and I have backed your KS for 8K :slight_smile:


Please upgrade! It would help so much with the public perception of the headset’s quality and make it far more competitive with the Vive.


I’m a backer on Kickstarter. I was not aware from the campaign this deluxe head strap was not included originally. If this is not announced as standard strap before campaign ends I will cancel my pledge. I think everyone should do the same. The gen 1 head strap is unacceptable.


if this did not have the headband would be much easier to attach to any type of earphone, in the pimax 4k could be seen as optional but in this type of support I think an integrated audio system is something almost mandatory, they always said that the objective was a comfortable game experience of at least 2 hours and this would help to guarantee it, reduce weight and also the number of cables that leave our head

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