Pimax 8K compatible GPU

I own a Gigabyte 980ti G1 GAMING that is still a rather powerful GPU and I have seen into Pimax 8K specs that Nvidia 980 card would be enough to run it. Then I have seen that the connection require DisplayPort 1.4 that is not equipped on my card since it has DisplayPort 1.2. At present for my 4K TV I am using the HDMI 2.0 port but I know that DisplayPort 1.2 can handle 4K at 60Hz as well. I kindly ask Pimax to confirm that DisplayPort 1.2 is compatible with Pimax 8K in order to run 4K (overall) at 60Hz (120 with brainwarp).

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It should be compatible without issue as dp 1.2 supports 4k 60hz and 1.4 is back compatible with the 1.2 displayport spec.

That said, I think a 1070 or 1080 will be a better min spec option for frame time latency and 1% lows. I have posted a new thread testing my 3gb 1060 to see how it handles experiences at close to UHD resolution. @anon23564932

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Since the particular screen ratio of Pimax 8K I can expect to handle at maximum 5120 x 1440 (7.732.800 pixels) at 60Hz (standard 4K is 8.294.400 pixels). Due to limited bandwidth of DisplayPort 1.2 I do not know what is going to happen when trying to reach the full resolution 8Kx4K (16.6 million pixels). Provided that the GPU can handle it (maybe a very non demanding game) probably the max frequency will just go to 30Hz (that would be 60 due to brainwarp effect). Personally I think that in any case the new coming Volta GPU is the only answer to every problem.

Good news they will have support for dp 1.4 (tho prob need a card to support)