PIMAX 8k cable custom

Hi guys, i recently received a usb/power/dp cable with my pimax 8k that had bent pins. I would prefer not to wait until the next batch of cables will be sent out, although if i have to i will. I havent even gotten to see my pimax work and would be interested to know if you guys can provide a link to a custom cable(s) setup i can use instead that will do the same job ? Im not interested in extending the cable or anything but just to get a cable that does the job while i wait god only knows how long till the replacement arrives. .

Thanking you in advance.

Sorry the cable they use is proprietary and can’t be bought anywhere.


The only thing you might be able to do at some cost would be to goto an Electrical store(not to be confused with “The Source”) and see what they would charge to wire a new DP 1.4 connector on.


Hi, i was quoted €20 for the cable and €60-70 for the labor. As you can imagine, he suggested i wait for the replacement :slight_smile:

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That is what I figured it would be a costly repair.

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