Pimax 8k Bakers Sale Wanted

Need backers sale in 1000 series…Any one wants to sale PM me…

mm mmm, a baker’s sale…strawberry, blueberry or apple I wonder :wink:


Hi there I’m selling my 593 spot. 8K headset + 1 V2 base station. Will be close to first shipments. Private message me if your keen. Thanks

We don’t know yet how they are shipping. I have never seen a kickstarter that ships based on backer number. Logistics are complicated and I have been on multiple kickstarters

I personally assumed that is one of the perks of buying it earlier than others but yeah, they could send it out by location depending on their logistics setup.

@deletedpimaxrep1 maybe you can confirm or deny if delivery priority will be based on backer number / position?

I’m pretty sure they confirmed they will ship in number of backer number.

However it doesn’t make much sense to me.

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I think this confirmed it pretty much.
This is one of my conversations with Xunshu from a few months ago.

She said because my backer number is 5000s I will get it late and probably around the same time as the accessories like controllers and base stations.

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Well so logistics wise you could be located close to a bunch of earlier backers. If this is the case you can get it earlier because they are usually mass shipped to a hub and then shipped individually. It is cheaper this way.