Pimax 8k and 5k+ issue with IPD calibration

Hi all, I’ve just got my 5k+ from the kickstarter campaign, but I’m having real difficulties getting the image clear for my specific IPD.

My IPD is around 63.5, but I’ve been told from various forums that if you have an IPD of less than 65 you can’t use Pimax as you can’t get the lenses close enough together - I’ve also been told that the on-screen values are completely wrong, which surely is a failing with the product itself.

Has anyone else had similar issues?


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Check that post for an explanation of how lenses work in Pimax.

Basically if you set the IPD to what you optician prescribe then looking left and right with your eye will be clearer than looking forward, but the 3D overlap will be correct. If you set the IPD to the point where it’s clear looking forward (lower value), then looking left/right will not have the images lining up in each eye.

I’ve found best results to set it to about 1 mm less than my IPD as well as use a thicker face pad.


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