Pimax 8K & 5K+ Performance Boost & Improved rendering with new update!

You forgot to test Elite Dangerous :frowning:

You are losing space frieeeenddsss


This proves Pimax can improve the clarity of the 8k with software updates. Now the question is well it improve enough for me to enjoy it more over the clarity of the 5k+ I don’t know…this is gonna be a tough decision. There is still far too much we don’t know about the future of the 8k and its potential.


SweViver have you tested DCS with the latest PiTool update?


For moviesd the 8K is king, I would say. But it also depends on what games you play. For casual gaming I would chose 5K+ and thats why I favorize 5K+ still, despite playing a lot of simulators :slight_smile: 5K+ has just more polished image thanks to the native output.

Yep, I really hope so! :slight_smile:

Sure but full frame rate is unbeatable I would say. It really is a difference playing in 80fps stable and 75fps

I was planning to add it, but had to rush the video for today hehe… was already very late with it…
But I will test all simulators including rFactor2 soon again!

5K+ is still my baby :slight_smile: But 8K is definitely not bad, as many people seems to think. And this update proved it!

Soon :slight_smile: You know how much time it takes to do those photos with a potato camera like my Samsung S8+ smartphone? lol I will but Im looking for a better camera… it took me 3 full days and maybe 1000 shots to make the though the lens shots for the review

It depends on the clarity hehe, but indeed an image sharpening would really help! But we cant forget the fact pixel arrangement is how it is on 8K, and it will never be able to look as “clean” as the 5K+

Yep, I feel there is something wrong on the 5K+ side and this update. The resolutions are around 100x100 higher, but still, it should not affect that much…
The peformance is better on both headsets in this update, but its very strange that 8K gets better performance here, despite identical settings… I basically just switched headsets and did same tests.

Yep I will later this week :slight_smile: I really want to play Hellblade, so I hope the fps has improved!

Haha I know :slight_smile: I didnt have time enough to try more than these 3 today,…

Definitely, and they HAVE done incredible updates before as well. I would say the performance is at least 200% better now compared when m1 beta phase started.


Nope not yet… Didnt have enough time today. I had to rush this one with only 3 sims tested :slight_smile:


so when is the review of 4k vs 5k vs 8k?

SweViver, how come there are just 3 testers reviewing the devices. I thought there are more than 15 or 20? How come none of them are speaking except three? Are they not comfortable talking or something.


So now with this new version what pi tool setting/ steamVR setting do you need for the 8k to match 5k+? Also if you crank up pi tool on 8k (regardless of FPS) can it look better than 5k+ now?


@ lens photos
i get the best results with one spot focus in my nokia n8.

Only these 3 have the 8k m2 & 5k+.


Hi SweViver can you pleases do a video on your favorite VR games.


Don’t let us push you too hard and take a break :slight_smile:


Hey Martin,
Did the new driver do much at all for iRacing as well on either headset ?
And did you by chance have a check of performance yet of it on your 1070 for some comparisons there ?
Cheers mate, great job as always. Thanks for looking out for all of us. It’s appreciated.

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that’s the second great news of the day, no smartphone is good enough for these tests, hoping in a SLR or mirrorless with a decent 80mm 1:1 Macro, shooting in raw format and not in jpg


Rendering at those high resolutions And still getting high FPS did they add some new form of reprojection with this update?

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@SweViver, i was wondering… every day i get this bloody Linus Pimax video in my YouTube “Up Next” section, seen it a few times of course, and i notist it has over 2 million views, clearly brilliant Pimax went to Linus Tech last year.

However, the video is a year old, in those days not the best quality as can be seen, and with today’s 8K and 5K headsets Linus should make a new video update.

And then it hit me… Can’t Pimax arrange a new meeting with Linus, showing them how great it is now, showing the consumer version… and couldn’t Pimax let YOU show it to Linus, would be hilarious video i think, you could do the job best, showing him the different modes, showing him some cool games. @deletedpimaxrep1 please do this :smiley:

PS. no need to bring a PC.



Hi Martin, thanks for all of your hard work.

I am wondering now with these changes, whether the 8k is viable for text readability within virtual desktop. I know that 5k+ will be clearer, but does this change have any affect on text readability at all ?

Thanks heaps.


I agree. Many first impressions are based off his old and bad video from V2.
Having a good impression from Linus would make a big difference, and @SweViver knows the product well enough to present it to him.


Wonder how his quadro? Setup would run the 8k. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

Especially if he could borrow one if the cards used in his 10k demo. :heart_eyes:

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Pimax : Hey engineering, pimax 5k+ is too much better, can you drop the performance below the 8k.
Engineering : okay, let do it.

just kidding.

Okay I think it be better and may be enough although not equal the 5k+.

I am appreciate, thank you so much @SweViver for some good news.