Pimax 5M Cable For Adapter Models out of stock?

So my PImax 5K Plus Cable died and need replacement. However, while I was able to order via Pimax website, i soon got an email that this cable is out of stock? So basically I have an unusable HDM lying around. This is the worst scenario possible. Are there even plans to restock? I mean sooner or later, a bunch of 5K Plus owners will need a replacement and the HDM isn’t that old.

I think I deserve either a huge discount on a newer HDM that’s being actively supported or find a cable somewhere.

This is ridiculous.

You may submit a ticket on website,Submit a ticket : Pimax Support and our SC team will do that for you

If you don’t find a cable then we do have it in stock. We are located in Sweden.

I did, thats who told me its out of stock. I replied to have this escalated. Havent heard back yet.

Ok, thats good…Do you ship to US?

Yes we ship worldwide. I will check shipping cost and get back to you with total amount.