Pimax 5KBE (XR) estimate?

Hey @anon84525399 is there any estimate on when the 5K BE’s (OLED) will start shipping? Are they in production at the moment? How long will it be?

Your store page quietly failed to mention that the “Ship by Feb 21st” for pre-orders would not include the 8Ks or 5K OLED HMD’s.

I would ask this through support tickets but it has been around 2 or 3 weeks of unable to create a support account.

I have paid over 1400 dollars for this whole package and so far my hands have been empty since ordering January 13.

Please give me an update on the status and time remaining!


@BorgPimax are there any news yet?

I ordered my 5K XR on 10/27/2018 but still nothing from Pimax so far :frowning:

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If you want my experience.

(April 16th)

After a few logistical errors like wrong addresses it finally arrived.

It wasn’t the XR it was just a regular 5K+

After returning it 2 weeks passed I only had promises of a replacement shipping “soon”

I ended up cancelling my order.

I don’t know if you’ll have better luck. Submit a support ticket and make sure to include your order number, email and previous SUPEN ticket numbers to speed up the process.

Sorry I can’t be of better help.

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So the estimate is around 2-3 months, from the date of purchase to actually have the product in hand?

Better have another VR brand to play meanwhile!

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Well not necessarily. The 5K XR’s were the last HMD’s in production.

They went 5K+ > 8K > 5K XR

They apparently caught up on shipping all their backers but you have to see if they actually have a bunch at the warehouse. (In the UK)
America might have better support now that they have the US offices up and running.

But yeah. The 5K+ I tested had amazing quality (apart from black levels) compared to the original Vive.

In short, your ordering experience may vary. It’s too inconsistent for me as a developer.

Hi! Same happened here. I ordered the 5K BE(XR) in November 2018 P121970 and got a 5K + instead almost 2 month ago. I returned it and now I’m still waiting for the correct headset. Since this has happend to so many that have ordered the 5K BE, I’m staring to guess it’s kind of a standard “solution” hoping you’ll stick to it. Would be better if they just would be honest and informed if they have production hickup’s wich would be fine, as long as they are honest. But this is my opinion

@DerekVVV @SweViver @anon74848233

will come to all the problems in this post later.
I really have my hands full.


well in my case i ordered the headset on may the 5th and on 27 may i got a shipping email that the pimax xr is going to be shipped to belgium, im very happy about that :), it’s not yet with me but i will receive it on 3 june.


The logistic procedure have done some improvement, and very glad to hear that our work take good effects


Indeed I got a mail with my tracking number just this morning :blush: :+1: