Pimax 5K+ yellow LED, refuses to connect to my PC w/ error 10600/10500

I’ve recently bought a Pimax 5k+ and received it this morning, however no matter what I do I can’t seem to get this thing to display anything let alone connect to the Pitool software. Just countless error after error unfortunately.

The headset displays a Yellow LED on the newest Pitool drivers (on the previous ones it would just stay red), and the headset will continuously shut off and on every time I launch the Pitool software. Sometimes it doesn’t do this though, to which I get the error code 10600. Seems like the app is not detecting the DP port, which is really strange as all other devices I’ve used had no problem with all 3 of the ports on the GPU. I’m currently using an AMD Red Devil 6700xt and am on Windows 11, not sure if the issue is because I am using an AMD gpu since a lot of other users don’t have much of an issue with it but the chance is always there.

Any support would be GREATLY appreciated, I’ve been seeing a lot of users mention how good this headset looks and it’s great FOV. I would just love to be able to actually use it haha.

UPDATE: Looks like I found a fix! For anyone else who encounters this problem make sure that Pitool only displays one GPU in the Diagnostics settings. The app saw that I had another display adapter for streaming from my android tablet and got confused.

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