PIMAX 5K XR with htc light houses?

I have an htc light house and thought it might help with tracking. It shows up on PiTool and Steam VR but neither seem to be able to link with it. PiTool reports the headset is not tracked. Steam VR basically says the same thing, The light house is in A mode. Has anyone had any success getting these to work?

Thank you;

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It should work, try a different mode on the lighthouse.

Ive been using my 5k+ with original vive lighthouses no problem.

Try to turn the headset 90-180 degrees to the left and then right while being approx. 1-2m away from the lighthouse (in front of it).

It’s a known issue when using only one lighthouse that You have to do the “lighthouse dance” with the Pimax :wink: Seriously, not kidding! :slight_smile:


I have to do this with TWO lighthouses.

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never had to do it (ver 1.0 x2) . rock solid tracking from the start
probably it is the way your LH ar mounted.

Try to place headset far from lighthouse . Not closer than 1,5-2 meters . And try to catch signal . Mod A is right

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