Pimax 5K XR Review

I have finally had enought time to give a review of my Pimax 5K XR. If you are interested to hear what I think you can either watch my video below;

Or read a written version at http://thevrrealm.com/reviews/pimax-5k-xr-review/


Very Nice Review. Adding copy to Spotlight Review Category.


Thanks for your kind words and for adding it to the spotlight section :grinning:


Nice Review! Thanks for the Read!


Thanks, glad you enjoyed the read


Nice review of the 5K XR,
Will you also review the 8KX ? :slight_smile:


Thanks, when we have the disposable cash for the 8KX. We will certainly look at bringing a review


Nice review (especially like that there’s written one).

As someone who used 5K+ for a year, I would like however to add that XR does not just add “colors that pop”. IMHO color balance is better overall, I’d say XR looks like IPS (with true blacks) compared to TN monitor. I play a game with main menu mostly blue with hints of yellow, so with 5K+ hints of yellow were missing whatsoever, but I can see them with my IPS display and in XR. So it is not just “more vibrant colors”, yellow, red, green are better reproduced in XR. Also, I would not call ghosting minor, in some situation it is pretty significant, but we’re entering subjective territory :slight_smile:

Looking forward to 8KX review.


Thanks and thanks for the feedback. I like to still offer written reviews as I still like to use them too. I have never tried to 5K+, so was not sure how it compares to the XR in that way. I was just happy to get the OLED back, as I lost them when upgrading the Index and Rift S from the base Vive. I love the blacks the OLED;s offer.


Yes, first time I’ve put on 5K+ biggest shock was loss of blacks. As I do Endurance racing, which is half time during the night time, that was a big loss for me. I am quite surprised so many headsets are moving towards LCD nowadays. Yes, OLED is not perfect, but still a bit surprising.

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