Pimax 5K XR OLED First Impressions... in depth SweViver-style!

Hey everyone!

After playing around with the Pimax 5K XR with OLED panels for around 2-3 weeks, I have finally published a “first impressions SweViver-style” video on my channel. This is not the full review yet (which is in the works btw, and will be covering more topics), but it should be in-deep enough to give you some valuable information :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think and hit me with questions if you have any and I will try to reply asap!



I absolutely love mine.


Super Review!!! Bravo

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Excellent! Looking forward to all the SweViver style content :drooling_face: after the winter hibernation.

good one and i’m also impressed by the 8k’s improvements, looks like the text readability is on the same level as the 5k+ now

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Awesome as always !

Just imagina a true 4k panel like this.

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Thanks guys :kissing_heart: I will reply to all questions tomorrow. Need to get a few hours of sleep now as im flying very early tomorrow to Prague to meet up MRTV Seb and VoodooDe for another XTAL progress showcase.


@SweViver Could you test adult videos on the oled and provide some feedback on the clarity of the videos. I know you did a 5k/8k comparison for videos before, could you do a comparison of all 3 for videos again?

Great Video! Well done, entertaining and fun to watch as well. Keep it up

Get a winter coat, it should get quite cold tomorrow :wink:


Are lenses same like 5k+ or 8k? Any eyestrain?

Thanks Martin,awaiting my XR just before Easter so getting excited really appreciate
your review and looking forward to your in depth one,cheers

@SweViver i got today the 5kxr,and the picture is way darker then the 5kplus is this normal?Its way less bright…

Excellent video as always Martin! I liked that intro, it made me laugh. I love how upbeat, friendly and informative your videos always are. Keep up the good work, we missed you!


SweViver posted comparison pictures and the XR looks less bright.

Help! I received mine yesterday, I paid for the upgrade to the BE/XE in Jan and have been on the confirmed 5k BE spreadsheet since, receipts etc to confirm the switch - the box I received says 5KBE+UK on one sticker, on the outside of the delivery box, but on another sticker it says Model: P2. Opening the box there is NO BE/XR branding, the headset does not have ‘BE/XE’ anywhere on it and it is called a P2… Have I received a 5k+!? This will be really disappointing!! I am backer #2887. @mozi

@john2910 had the same experience.
If it’s a XR then the labeling is confusing, what does the SN start with?
Also PiTool should tell you the model.


My 5K+ starts with 203600

mine starts with 201600912

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