Pimax 5k+ updated in HMDGDB

After updating my Pimax5k+ with a new firmware ( and PiTool (, I decided to do a complete update of Pimax5k+ records in HMDGDB (HMD Geometry Database | Collected geometry data from some commercially available VR headsets.), which was long overdue.

Few things worthy to mention:

  1. While Pimax tried to better match the hidden area masks for native and parallel projection modes it still does not match (exactly), and it seems like probably never will.

  2. While there are only two FOVs for 144Hz and 120Hz refreshes, labeled Normal and Small, available in PiTool, the FOVs for 120Hz refresh actually correspond to Small and Tiny (Potato in Pimax speak). I am not sure if it is a bug, or there is some particular reason why 120Hz mode is more restricted than 144Hz mode. If anyone knows, let me know.

  3. Even though I recorded the complete data for all configurations (including 64Hz and 72Hz refresh modes), I did not push those into the database as their geometry is identical to 90Hz mode, and I wanted to avoid having “too many Pimaxes” in there.


I am not sure to which problem do you refer, but for what concerns point 1) and 2), there is nothing to fix for me.

ad 1) is for Pimax to fix (I even made guide how to do it here https://community.openmr.ai/t/pimax-5k-parallel-projection-ham-mod/22952). How it turned out you can check in my database.

ad 2) If the 120Hz FOVs is supposed to be restricted to Small and Tiny, it would be better for everyone if Pimax label them as such. If it is a bug, and they really should correspond to Normal and Small, then it is up to Pimax to fix it. Right now it is just misleading the user.


Hello Risa,

Thank you for the feedback. We shall forward these important messages to the engineer, so they are aware of it.



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