Pimax 5K super loss tracking issue

Hello every one.

Got my new pimax 5k super today but i have one big pb. I lose tracking from time to time. I had the same issue with my 5k+ only when i put my hand on the headset, but now it’s happens even when i just move my head.

The problem is the same on lighthouse mode or 9-Axis.

pitool version : v1.0.1.270
Headset firmware : V2.1.255.271

in i7 10700k
rtx 2080ti
asus tuff gaming z90+
usb hub StarTech.com PCI Express 4 ports USB 3.0

Any idea or solution? Thanks for your time/help

put your HMD on an internal USB Port

ohh, is this a notebook?

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you mean on the motherboard or on a pcie usb card?

on the motherboard, not external


dstar thanks, it’s looks like it’s works now. Still have the loss tracking when i put my hand on the headset but this one is normal.

I take a fwew hours in game to confirm if the problem is really solved


@dstar thanks again your solution is the good one :slight_smile: problem solved :+1: