Pimax 5k Specifications

Just a quick one, been looking around for differences between 5k and 8k.
Asked on Kickstarter and was told that only difference was the upscaling chip (so the final resolution if not wrong).
Then i saw somewhere here on the forum that they would have different displays.
Thing is, will one of the test units be a 5k (i think no) and if no is there any way for us 5k backers to see a picture through the lenses to have an idea of SDE/colour/god rays ?
Can someone tell the exact difference between 5k and 8k.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Ps : No trolls / Off topic / Disrespect PLS !!!

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The major difference is display and PPI on that display. It is around 530PPI vs 800PPI on Pimax8K display.
This PPI is a major factor for SDE but it is not that bad. For example, Vive PRO and Samsung Oddisay have displays with almost same PPI.
PPI is Pixel Per Inch and is represent a physical resolution of the display. A smaller number of PPI means larger SDE. For better understanding and comparison check this video.

Vive and CV1 have 450PPI Deepoon have 530PPI same as Vive PRO, Oddisay or Pimax5K, and Pimax4K as Pimax8K and 8KX.
Thet is only about SDE. Minor effect on SDE has Optics that is the difference Vive and CV1.

The second difference is PPD or Pixel Per Degree. This represents resolution display is capable to run better known as native resolution. Vive and CV1 have horizontal 1080 pixels and around 100° FOV per eye. Dividing Horizontal resolution with FOV per eye you will get PPD value. Here some examples:

Vive, Pimax4K and CV1 - 1080 / 100 = 10.8 - around PPD in 10
Vive Pro, Oddisay, other WMR - 1440 / 100 = 14.4 - around PPD in 14
Pimax5K and Pimax8K - 2160 / 150 = 14.4 - around PPD in 14
Pimax8KX - 3880/ 150 = 25.8- around PPD in 25

As you see the difference between 5K and 8K is in SDE because 8K PPD will be the same but on more quality display. 5K should have similar quality as Vive PRO and Odissey in any technical aspect should be the same as a 5K model only 5K will have double higher FOV.
Pimax8K will have all that plus significantly lower SDE as well. Similar like Pimax4K compared to Vive.
Pimax8KX will be ultimate VR but for full potential will be possible only with some future kick ass GPU or after implementation of Eye tracking and Foveated rendering technology or technology which allow using single GPU per eye so we could run pair of1080ti. at least in high demanding games like Project Cars 2 or DCS for example.


I don’t know if the difference is only in the FOV.

Does the scaler chip only enlarge the image, or does it take advantage of each real pixel to improve it, @deletedpimaxrep1? Is there any kind of antialiasing, for example?

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The Pimax8K and Pimax8KX will have the same PPD as they have the same resolution monitor, the 5K will have less.

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I believe @wormeaten reference is regarding input resolution.

The same with 4k would have a better sde than Vive & rift due to higher ppi

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Respectfully, the screen-door-effect is only loosely affected by the PPI. With the 5K, the pixels themselves will be more visible, but the SDE is determined by the black borders AROUND the pixels.

Currently OLED displays have a larger border, especially PenTile displays (which are used by both the Rift and the Vive), which only have red/green and green/blue pixel pairs, while most LCD displays have full red/green/blue triplet pixels. It would be theoretically possible for the 5K to have less SDE than an 8K, but that’s unlikely, since both displays are probably made using the same process and manufacturer.


True enough which is why Sub pixel resolution is more important. So really should be looking at Sub pixel per degree.

This is also one of the reasons psvr has less sde than vive/rift.

Yes true but…

First of all I was trying to answer simply as possible based on some major specs. Yes Subpixels affecting in picture quality but more in clearity and sharpness than on SDE. I didn’t want to complicate even more with 4:4:4, 4:4:2 and 4:2:2 someone could think I’m talking about football.

I just make point with some easy understand mathematics calculation based facts to get the picture what the diference is in end result.


“The only difference between 5K and 8K is the display. Pimax 5K backers may refer to the updates about Pimax 8K”


Indeed & the 5k doesn’t have the upscaler.


yes this is what i don’t really understand sorry.
On kickstarter page i remember asking and the answer was that they had same display but different resolution due to upscaler chip.
Guess i might i just misunderstood or missed an update.
Thank you for clarifying :v::eyes::sunglasses:

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I didn’t realize that. My original backer choice was the 5K, but I later decided that I really wanted the finer pixel res of the 8K.

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You already tried explaining football by the rules of baseball. IMHO this is a no go.

Explaining something completely wrong on the base of terms and facts that only have a loose relation to the real cause and effect is just educated misinformation. Its’ that kind of misinformation that makes ppl like the original poster totally clueless.

The screen door effect (SDE) is solely caused by the area of a display that isn’t lit - it’s the gaps between the translucent crystals in LCDs or light emitting diodes in LEDs.

Each display technology has it’s own characteristics. The resolution of a given display tells only about the sharpness/details of a perceived picture. It can be a vague indicator for SDE but only in case the covered field of view (optics) and underlying display technology (sub pixel pattern and mask) do match closely, or you go into apples and oranges. If it doesn’t match closely you better don’t start to explain a goal by saying it’s like a home run, it’s too many variables and differences not taken into account.
And 4:4:4 doesn’t have the slightest effect on SDE. I think You just added some basketball there into the mix… :grinning:

thumbs up.


you could have just used the search to find this

and this

Yeah, already know that thanks.
Through the past few months the 5k and 8k had different updates like different lenses and tweaks.
we also know that the 5k is atm stable at higher Hz than the 8k and i can’t remember how much exactly.
i created this topic in order to get fresh updates and more specifications about the 5k.

Thanks for your input

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there have been 0 updates with any sort of confirmation from Pimax representatives. That’s why there isn’t any further progress in my initial thread. But i didn’t abandon it.
All information that was discussed here on the forum for the 5k recently were old info brought up again which actually leads more to confusion than it helps.

No confusion 5k & 8k are the same; except 5k has different screens & no upscaler.

I said on this forum - i didn’t refer to this thread - whereas you’re one of the few who are constantly/daily writing things all over again in many threads instead of pointing ppl to a few main discussions and infos. The reason i gave up on this forum for the most part only reading post of official Pimax staff, the rest is just way too much blah and time consuming…

There is a pinned & closed update thread. And the info presented on the 5k is clear; it was made due to the community suggestion/request.

Why do they need a special update on the 5k when any update on the 8k directly benefits the 5k? 2 qhd clpl screens vs 2 uhd clpl screens. 5k no scaler.

Optics/bridge chip/Casing/sensors all the same. Not really sure how much clearer it can get.

But yeah your right it is time consuming to have the same questions asked over & over again. Search function can help if one takes the time to use it.

you just did it again :joy:

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