Pimax 5K+‘s available on eBay ready to ship!

If anyone is interested I just bough a 5K+ on eBay this morning from a US seller that has 3 units. I bought the last of 3. Then much to my surprise he listed 3 more that are active now. So it seems they bought 6 early pledges (maybe more?) for a profit. Yes, I know I’m an idiot for paying $1900 but luckily at this time I can afford to be one lol! I have a 6DOF motion simulator I built for DCS and racing but more for DCS and flight and I have to experience this with a wide FOV! I will post some videos and a review of the 5K+ on YouTube this weekend using it in VR along with my motion platform if anyone wants to check it out.

Here’s a link to my channel. Please subscribe and I’ll have some cool content up this weekend.



For your case I hope this isn’t a scam, which seems likely give there are only 50 or so delivered to the entire world…

Wait a moment… you paid $1900 for a $699 HMD? :neutral_face:

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There is nothing wrong with it. I’ve sold my 5k+ (hmd only) for 1400§ month ago, althrough the device is not yet sent, ive already got my money :slight_smile: People always pay extra to try something before others. Early backers always profit. Same was with oculus and vive.

Hopefully it’s not a scam, but the seller has excellent feedback on eBay. Luckily if anything goes wrong it’s pretty easy to file a claim and get reimbursed if somethings not on the up and up. As far as the price, yes it’s pretty insane, but on the other hand, it’s all about supply and demand. Pledges alone are selling between $1400-2100 now on ebay depending on how low the backer number is and they’re selling! So far the seller has sold 4 units at $1900 so far.

Hey cool another Delorean owner with a Pimax 5K+ :grinning:

You should check out my time machine on my channel. :spy:

I’m interested in if there is any motion sickness with the Pimax and your 6DOF.
I’m planing on buying a 3DOF.
But driving without one is giving me slight sickness. I don’t know if it will be better with motion to trick the brain.

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Hey Doc! Awesome time machine brother!! I’ve seen quite a few and one local to me but yours is exceptional. Great job! I’ll be posting some videos hopefully this weekend once my 5K arrives and I get it setup with a single lighthouse on the platform to be able to track the 6DOF motion. Hopefully this will work fine as WMR and Oculus do. As for motion sickness, it actually helps the inner ear coordinate the visual sensations from VR.

Thank you very much. I would like to see your videos with the motion platform.

Thanks for the honest review

Update: USPS Shipping says the 5K+ will deliver tomorrow! Videos to come hopefully late tomorrow night or Sunday!

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Did it turn up or was it a scam ?

Not at all, It turned up just fine. I am having a very weird issue however. Whenever I turn on the drivers that control the servo motors/actuators of the platform, the Pimax loses lighthouse tracking and the screen goes grey if the headset is touched by my hands on the sides of the HMD. When this happens, I have to look at one of the sensors and wait a few seconds for tracking to resume. If I touch the side of the HMD for a prolonged time however, tracking won’t resume unless the HMD is power cycled. Now, If I touch the front, top or bottom it seems fine but it’s getting really aggravating if I want to adjust the unit on my face. I have to grip it carefully not to touch the sides of the plastic housing. At first, I thought it may be from sharing the same power circuit, so I isolated the computer and HMD to another circuit. Nope! Isolated the motion platform from the computer completely and still have the issue. It’s truly a ghost in the machine scenario. I’m an engineer and still without a good hypothesis. The only logical explanation is the driver units which are partly a complicated mosfet array seem to be emitting some sort of interference with either the lighthouses or sensors on the Pimax HMD. Every other headset I’ve tried such as the oculus and WMR do not pose this problem. I don’t own a Vive so I can’t deduct whether it’s the lighthouses being interfered with, the HMD or just the IR of the HTC system as a whole. Because of this, I have been experimenting to find a solution which so far to no avail and has set beck my plans to document the experience. However I’ve become accustom to just keeping my hands off the HMD while using it with the motion platform. I’ve tried isolating the resistance in my body with rubber gloves and still persists. Truly something I would have never imagined. Another problem in using the HTC platform was motion cancellation in a motion environment. With the oculus, you can attach the sensor to the platform so it can move with it and you, not to cause a floating cockpit in your VR perspective when the platform heaves up or down/side to side. With the HTC lighthouse, they cannot be mounted to the platform because of the way they’re designed, because if it receives any kind of jolt or vibration, the lighthouses will reset which isn’t ideal for any type motion platform and the lighthouses must me static, mounted in a wall or ceiling configuration, so at first motion was a fail setting up with the Pimax initially. Luckily enough, I did find a solution to this problem using a vive tracker tightly attached to the top of the headrest of my seal close to what the head would encounter for motion, and using an open VR piece of code that completely fixed the motion cancellation issue. So at this point, I would say it’s 90% successful. If I can only now call a ghostbuster to capture and contain the anomily that appears with the headset when I switch on my Servo motor Driver units. I will get some footage ASAP uploaded now that it’s at least usable. About the 5K+ HMD itself, it’s pretty much great, but…I do however hate the distortion along the edges I see in DCS, it’s a little aggravating when head turning looking into peripheral view. The HMD definitely needs to be at least 2-3MM more away from the face which makes everything sharpen up significantly, and hides most of the edge distortion (thicker foam pad would have been prudent on Pimax’s part) and for simulations, the Pimax is a little ahead of its time in this era of GPU available today. With my 1080TI OC’d to 2032Mhz, and 4.4Ghz CPU clock, I still need to run pitool at 1.0 with 30% SS in Steam and normal FOV just to pull out 45FPS average in DCS. Large FOV, I have to bump pitiools down to .75 to obtain 35-40FPS. All in all, I do accept the trade off somewhat as the wider FOV does make a difference in DCS. It’s nice to be able to easily turn and see a wingtip now. Just need a little more spacing from the eyes outward to suppress the edge distortion. In normal and full FOV the Pimax shows curvature of image on the outer edge in both X and Y axis. I thought about bringing up the tracking interference issue with Pimax support but I just think I would confuse the hell out of them trying to explain my unique use for their device.

Thanks for the update, Are you using the wide FOV or the Normal FOV ?
As for your other problem of losing tracking it sound to me like a RF kind of problem that the components in the HDM are getting some kind of RF interference.
As for your platform, have you tried VIVE Trackers ?

I’m using both for FOV. Normal gives slightly better performance for sure. Simulations are a little more taxing to the GPU than most games. As for the trackers, I stated I’m using one for motion cancellation that works fine. It’s the Pimax HMD that is getting the interference the more I think about it. If it was the lighthouses, if I touched my tracker, I would imagine the same problem would occur and it doesn’t. It’s something to do with the HMD.