Pimax 5k+ review


My specs 7700k @4.5Ghz, 2080 RTX, 16g ram 3000mhz. I had an HTC Vive since 2017. I’m not a heavy user of VR but I know it will improve and I’m really hyped.

-Pros and cons.

  • SDE, difficult to notice.
  • Light. It’s impressive to have something so ‘big’ but so light.
  • Clear image. This is the real improvement from the vive. With the vive I had some struggle to immerse myself when looking to distant object, aiming or reading text. Here with the Pimax everything look better.
  • Some game are not yet ready for the Pimax. Items appear/dissapear at the edge of the screens. I know that’s not the Pimax fault, but It’s still a con.
  • Distortion. Image at the edge of the screen is really messy and distorted.
  • Uncomfortable. Had to change the foam and still not a good experience.

-How the FOV immersion you into the game.
I wasn’t so impress until I put back my vive. You can’t go back. Binocular to scuba mask.
I think I didn’t get it first because it ‘should be’ that way.

-How does the resolution make you read text clear?
You can read it easily. As a French speaking person I sometime need subtitle to understand everything and It was a problem with the vive because reading something was such a pain.

It’s huge but light. Look nice and futurist. Contrary of the vive you don’t see all those trackers spots.

Wearing Experience
I had to replace the foam because it was hurting my nose (not the case with vive).
And even with that I think Pimax could improve a LOT for that point. Something like the DAS should be implemented.

Image Quality
Perfect but need improvement at the edge (of the screen).
It’s a pleasure to (re)discover game. Everything look better and It’s a clear advantage in game like Onward/Pavlov.

I had some problem at first (playing H3V3 If I remember well). But I restarted and closed everything not needed (epic store, chrome, etc.). Still have some freeze sometime but no major issue.

Concluding Thoughts
With no distortion on the edge and something like the DAS It would have be the REAL gen2.
Still happy with the purchase but I think I could skip the improvement and wait the next gen.