Pimax 5k+ review (in less than 31,4 words !)

Hey !

Lucky owner of Pimax 5k + (and Pimax 4k, Lenovo Explorer, HTC Vive, osvr hdk2) !

Pros :

  • Lenses are so big ! It clearly improves the feeling to be in !
  • It doesn’t need a lot more power than other headsets. On Project Cars 2, the visual quality is the same as before (around medium settings). However, I would enjoy a 2080ti :sunglasses:

Cons :

  • Bigger lenses take a longer to time to clean… Pimax should develop a wiper system ! :joy:
  • The quality of the box (made with soft touch) is better than the headset casing…

To conclude : best headset on the market ! Maybe Vive Pro could be a bit sharper, but Pimax beats it on every other points !

I thought I would have the time to finish my sim motion rig, but Pimax has been faster than me ! Would you be able to recognize from which car the steering wheel comes from ?

Those are the best hydraulic pedals on earth. Yeah, I mean better than REAL GEAR’’ GTpro3 Xtreme blablabla… that I tried, find out why !

PS : ok I know, I said 31,4 words… But how do you write 0,4 words ???