Pimax 5K recognized as 8K in PiTool, Vive MV in SteamVR?

Just did a firmware flash for my 5K because I’ve been having stuttering issues and trying to figure out if that would fix the problem, but now the screens won’t turn on in the headset. Tracking says it’s working and everything looks okay, just can’t see anything. No backlight, the screen is just off. Need help:(

Have you tried clicking the Reboot button on the Headset page in PiTool? Lately, whenever I start up VR, I get all black screens or horizontal stripes or each screen is a different shade of gray. Sometimes, 1 screen is good and the other is black, striped, etc.

Usually, after 2 or 3 reboots it’s fine and will usually run for hours without a problem.

I have a known-bad cable (sparkles, black or white flashes, rare lockups with stripes or black). In a lockup situation, I can leave the game running, switch to Windows, reboot the headset in PiTool 1 or more times, and then return to the game in progress.

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You might need to reflash firmware.

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