Pimax 5k plus: USB and Display port extensions that work / extra power adapters?

I have a shortish usb 3.0 extension that worked fine for oculus rift, but when i plugged in the Pimax 5k plus, it wasnt detected.

I think it was under 10 foot in length.

Also… in terms of display port extension cables, are there any in the neighborhood of 10 foot that are known to work?
I was going to give this 10 foot display port extension a shot:

EDIT: actually, in my other room i have the vive control box hooked up with hdmi already ran to the pc in that room… are there any hdmi to display port adapters that would work (would need to be hdmi male to female dp, not seeing many in this arrangement)

As far as the power adapter that connects onto the cable, has anyone found 3rd party ones that work (i move the headset from one room to another)… i assume anything that matches the v/amps should work?

Thanks in advance

This topic has been discussed extensively… :nerd_face:


Anyway, I’m using a DeLock 4K 60Hz 5m DisplayPort extension cable without issues.

For USB I’m using an active cable but it shouldn’t be needed if Your ports can deliver. It’s a Deltaco USB2 EX5 (5m).

I haven’t extended the power cable as I’m just using an extension cord but those have also been discussed somewhere on these forums.

EDIT: Here’s a thread with a link to a power cable extension:


Thanks… i was more interested in finding display port to hdmi adapter that was female dp, but nothing out there seems to suggest there is one or one that’s been tested in this combination.

For the spare power, i need an actual power brick that wont fry things. I was hoping someone has tested maybe a generic 3rd party that could be found on amazon that would work as a secondary.

I think my usb issue was just a connection problem, so i should be ok there unless an active is needed.


I see. I don’t know about hdmi to dp adapters.

Regarding power, there’s also a few topics about that:

@SweViver used a cheap generic 5m passive USB extension cable from without issues so I guess as long as Your USB port can deliver plenty of power and the cable is of “OK” quality You should be good.

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Does it need to be USB 3.0 or can be USB 2.0?

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I’m using USB 2.0…

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Revisiting this for the second power adapter need…
I took a look at those threads, unfortunately they are in a closed state so i cant reply to confirm, but,

The one thread mentions using this adapter (though it appears to only be 1amp?):

But something (an issue?) about the led on the headset turning red. Unsure if the adapter was ok or not.

It seemed as if this might be a good secondary adapter, but i’m unsure. I would have assumed as long as 12v and no more than 2 amps it should be fine but i’m a bit timid to plug something in to the $700 goggles that could fry them without being certain haha.

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It’s OK to use an adapter which delivers higher current (Amperes) as long as the voltage (Volts) is the same. It will just draw as much as it needs… :+1:

Well this amazon one technically is 1amp, i’m not sure how it was working for the person that mentioned it.

I think there is the other issue of polarity. I’m afraid to look for a second hand adapter i may have and test it, if the polarity might be wrong. Guessing bad things could happen. The store on pimax should just offer the ability to but secondary ones, ideally.

I don’t think the headset needs even 1 amp.

Regarding the polarity anyone with a working adapter and a voltmeter can check that.

That said, I’m pretty sure it’s + on the inside and - on the outside like most.

EDIT: It is using standard polarity. See this post:

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