Pimax 5K Plus - The MRTV Review - 8.8/10

Dear Pimax community,

now that we know about the pricing of the Pimax headsets, I could finally finish my full written review of the Pimax 5K Plus. Here it is:

My final review score is an 8.8 out of 10 and therefore the 5K Plus has received the highest score of all the VR headsets that I have ever reviewed on MRTV.

If you already have received your 5K Plus, please leave your own review on the site! User reviews make the site much more exciting. So if you don’t agree with my assessment of the device, please add your own!

Coming up is the written review of the Pimax 8K and if Pimax sends me the 5K Business Edition, for sure I am also going to review it.

Sincerely, Sebastian


Woah, I almost always enjoy your reviews Sebastian but man, please use some text formatting. You’re dropping a letter bomb here that’s not exactly an invitation to read.


Haha, that was automatically imported by the forum software, I just left the link in the original post actually. :wink:


ah of course, gotcha :slight_smile: Yeah would be better if the forum would just import the first few lines, like a preview.


Ok, fixed it for you.


Now my anxiety is even worse :boom:

Thanks Sebastian. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very well written review. As my previous few posts here indicate I’m really concerned about the lack of a reprojection solution comparable in performance to WMR or rift. Although framerates from some of your examples are sometimes in the 60s you made no reference at all to judder. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of a critical stance taken regarding pitool and the lack of proper reprojection software. Although I own a 7700k at 5ghz and a 1080ti at 2ghz with 32gig of ram, for my simulator of choice, there is no chance I’ll be getting the framerates to even come close to the native refresh rate of the panels on the 5k+. In my opinion, omitting the current issues with pitool or at least acknowledging it’s not able to do what Valve, Oculus and WMR can is important. The software is a critical component of the product and should form part of the review.


Just a question. You are aware that Pimax is working to develop integration with Steam VR’s new smoothing as stated by one of the Pimax team members earlier? I have personally experienced great results using it so far with my Vive and hope that Pimax can implement as well.

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Only .8 better than a Vive Pro? :thinking:

I wasn’t aware. I’ve been reading a good bit here since I joined but I must have missed it. Have you got a link?

Indeed a great review, thanks Seb!

I use to think it took 2 years and 5 months for HTC/Valve to finally add motion reprojection. It tool WMR at least half a year. Pimax is barely released yet :slight_smile: Have patience and Im sure they will find a way to do motion reprojection/smoothing/ASW sooner or later…


@Heliosurge I’m trying to share with @RiftFlyer some information as to Pimax stating they were going to try to implement the new Steam VR motion smoothing. I have had good results and know that one of the team members stated that in the last week. Do you remember the link? Thanks ahead I will look for it myself but honestly know that your quicker at such things among others.


Tbh i might have missed that post. Granted while it hasn’t hit pitool as of yet Robin did say they have internallt testing their BW.

Sorry Heliosurge and @RiftFlyer I occasionally visit the Pimax subreddit and this may have been what I was trying to remember so I guess if this is it then it wasn’t official but only second hand information.

[–]UmayCallMeBrotherNow 2 points 3 days ago
“A memeber of the pimax team in LA apparently told a backer they are working on an option to use steam motion smoothing. Here’s to hoping nothing was lost in translation.”

As an 8k backer I’m hopings ince it is such a great feature we can get some official confirmation about this. :neutral_face:

@SweViver youtube extreme seems hopeful so thats a good thing.:relaxed:


No worries as I had to explain to a user recently with so much traffic here I don’t see all the posts. That individual though was quite ignorant when chewing into me about feeding trolls; when he was the one feeding them by choosing to respond to them. He was so worked up it he had posts of his flagged as inappropriate by over 3 users whom were not ones he calls trolls. I am guessing he was cranky due to not enough coffee money. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

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Thank you Sebastien this review gives a really good summary of what your telling us about the Pimax headsets for so many weeks now, I’m just a little critical about your final score and certainly don’t want to start a debate but I think in all fairness to other reviews that have been grill here I must say this score is to high in the current context and will all the minus points your list in your final section, I read it more like 8.8 = great FOV great potential. This only prove how difficult rating a product is…

Well keep in mind tge earlier reviews; were on old versions if the software. So if you add 2 good reviews equals 14.8/20 gibes an average of 7.4/10 or 3.7/5. If the software had been performing as well as it is now TH would have scored 3.5/5.

Even Marcin agreed about the software causing it’s score issue.

So maybe more 8/10 :wink::+1::sparkles:

Ok @mixedrealityTV after your raving review I’ve just bought a 5k+ from a re-seller, had to pay quite a bonus over the retail price but oh well, jumping the line always costs money :slight_smile: Can’t wait to compare it to my Vive Pro and see if it’s really that much better!


The plan has worked, we got him to buy one… Can change the score down to 2 now :smiley:


Did you buy a backer spot or physical unit? Congrats

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