Pimax 5K Plus. The left eye blinks on Steamvr Beta 1.11.1

Hi, I have Pimax 5K Plus, has someone encountered a problem with the new version of Steamvr Beta 1.11.1? The screens blink for me and it behaves strangely to itself, in the previous version everything works fine. What could it be?

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Yes, I Have the same problem. You need to rollback to steamvr previous version. For that click on steamvr icon under steam, properties and avoid to install beta version. The previous version will automatically install.


Yes, I did so, but what is it for? Is there some kind of article because of what such a problem? Thanks.

Try toggle hidden area mask in Pitool. My friend solved same problem with it.

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It didn’t help me (((

+1 same behaviour with 5k+ #2026
As far as i can reproduce it only started after i updated to latest Nvidia Alys Gameready Driver yesterday

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Yep, same. What’s odd is that SteamHome was fine, the loading area caused the blinking, then any game that rendered a 2d plane blinked, but 3d was fine. Only left eye. Was very worried I had a broken screen for a second.

Revert out of beta fixed it. I expect to get a new beta release in the next few days.

I am also on newest Nvidia driver, problem is certainly SteamVR

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I encountered the same problem yesterday, reverted to non-beat solved the issue.
Have anyone tried with the new beta released today-1.11.2. Is the issue still there?

Yeah, the issue is still there on 1.11.2

For me my left Eye is black and image is very unstable in steam menu and so but in games no problem.

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Not only that but during the loading of SteamVR Home the left eye is totally black whereas with the right eye I can see the circle things. Had a lot of rapid flickering in both eyes too.

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