Pimax 5k plus right panel flickering

I decided after about a year since I got mt 8KX to connect the 5k+ for nostalgia purposes.

But when I connected it i saw this

I’ve updated the firmware to the latest Pitool suggests.

Pitool: 1.0 1.275

@PimaxUSA So with regards to the above issue, I was told by support that repair was not advised as it is out of warranty.

I was assured by support that If I wanted, this headset could be used toward the 12K trade in program.

During the 12K AMA today you were quoted as saying for the trade in that the headset had to have the receipt and be “working” to qualify.

clip from AMA

This is conflicting with what Support told me on my ticket #24526

See what happens if you roll back to a previous firmware.

Yeah we did all of that and the screen still flickers. Pimax rep told me it was likely a hardware failure.

Seems I’m :poop: out of luck. Now I have an expensive paperweight or door stopper I haven’t decided yet

Oh well, I wanted to trade in my 8KX anyway (more valuable for now)