PiMax 5K+ not tracking at all (Fixed)

Hello everyone,

I just received my 5K+ and have set it up but the HMD is not tracking. PiTools is recognizing the HMD, the light houses and the wands and the image is nice and clear, however the headset does not move in room scale and the wands appear in a completely different place in VR space. I have run room scale setup a number of times and I am yet to get the head set to track or move in the VR space. In other words the 5K+ image sits floating in Virtual space (at the height I set the floor to) and does not move when I move (except in the rotational axis, which I put down to the motion sensing chip inside the Pimax).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Try this

or contact @Doman.Chen, he can help you.

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IIRC there is a setting in PiTool to turn on/off lighthouse tracking. Make sure it is turned on.


Congrats! Which pitool are you using? There is a new 95 version.

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welcome to my world.
i somehow found a temporary solution
try to move the 5k+ around all axis several times, it starts to track in roomscale then



Thank you people for your help,especially bubbleball, it appears that I have gotten the 5K+ working using your “editing of the Task Manager” solution you suggested.

Just for the interest of others. prior to the above solution, I tried toggling the Lighthouse tracking option on and off in PiTool, ensured my software version of PiTool was the latest along with the headset Firmware.

Moving the headset around didn’t seem to help. The headset and the wands remained displaced in the play area and the headset did not start to track. However, perhaps I did not do it long enough as stated by “ceno”.

Do we know if this issue is common enough that it will be fixed in up coming firmware or PiTool updates or are we forever stuck with having to edit files and restart systems?


Been like this for a while.

I do all those solution and no more problem if I not swap to use vive, but sometimes still need to restart PiService again, but the only thing that is not mentioned in topic is about set some serial to base station, that is very complex, I have to let @Doman.Chen to remote to update some firmware before.

If you still find the issue every time when start the PiTool, you should contact him to update your base station or headset to prevent some conflict of device.

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Hi I can’t message @Doman.Chen I’m suffering from this issue constantly. Just registered and guessing I’m not allowed to msg yet?

I have increased your user level. You can now send private messages.

Which headset did you receive?

Welcome to the pimax forums.

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Hi @Heliosurge 5k+ I have had it working at points…deleted lighthouse files…installed different versions…I aslo have an 8k same issue…Sometimes it will magically work…then days without it

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I’m a partnered twitch streamer and showed it off on the weekend on front page in 3dof and used iracing,…would be great to show people other virtual reality…but I just cant trust it yet. Loses tracking and cant get back 9 times out of 10. restarts at present …do nothing.

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Oh thank you sir for increasing my user level…appreciated


@park has some good info on getting it working. One tip he has posted is to ensure piserver is running at startup. He also recently posted a set of steps tye Korean community found works. Give me a moment to find his recent post.

Here is the link to his post.


Park has also posted on buying after market emi/rfi clip on filters

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That’s awesome on the Twitch teamup! & your welcome on the user level upgrade. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Yeah im desperate to get it on front page with mixed reality…but only had it tracking 30% of the time…Im super behind this and have hopefully a BE edition coming too, As Im trying to swap one of my pledges atm. But it certainly seems the software has a bug. Vive works perfect and controllers track perfect. No mirrors…usb 3.1 and lastest drivers and bios. Thanks man

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Unfortunately I don’t have LHes to be able to properly help debug.

But in demos I have been at they didn’t have too much difficulty. However the LHes were permanently setup. So perhaps a touch easier.

@EarlyBackers may have some tips/tricks that might help.

Great to have you apart of our growing community!

All fixed with some matrix style team-viewing by the awesome @Doman.Chen . Great support. Thank you again!


Can you elaborate, Rage4vr? Pimax is also asking to connect via teamviewer, however my ISP here in the UK has blocked that program/website…was hoping for a solution that I could implement myself, and if in future it was to happen again, I could resolve it again…