Pimax 5k+ Iracing right eye problem

hi, sorry for my bad english

i have an issue on my new Pimax on Iracing.

i don’t use base station.

my problem is that my right screen don’t works good.
FOV looks bad, orientation is a little too much on the left, and when i move my head around me this screen has image distortion !


left screen works good,

It works perfectly on Assetto Corsa.

Can anybody help me please ?

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Is this only for iRacing? You may have to mess with the SPS setting, along with these:

Sorry I can’t tell you exactly which setting, I haven’t used the 5K+ in a while. My setting is for the Index, but my guess is that you have to use 1 if you have SPS on(this saves performance), and use 2 if it’s off. Depends on your graphics card too.

Mine is set to 1, both for 5k+ and 8k+

Hope that helps

TwoStageAA=1 ; Repeat AA after the UI draws (note: consumes more vid mem)
AlignmentFix=1 ; 0=off, 1=simple (SPS), 2=simple (always), 3=advanced (SPS)
MirrorViewVerticalShiftPct=0 ; -30 to +30 percent - shifts the mirror image up/down (if clipped)
FullyWaitForSync=0 ; Improves timing/lag below refresh rate, but costs a little all of the time
PredictionMode=1 ; 0=off, 1=dynamic, 2=fixed
OpenVREnabled=1 ; Enable OpenVR Support
AutoSelect=0 ; Use OpenVR without prompting (note: Oculus has priority if enabled)
AutoCenter=0 ; Re-center the HMD pose when health/safety warning disappears

it works !! SPS : OFF

thanks for support

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Sorry was off grid, couldnt help.
Bienvenue @AzeOnAir :beers:

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