Pimax 5k+ - first impressions video - Backer #17 from Germany

Hi guys,

my video is not a professional review video like you get from famous Youtubers.
So expect low quality and no gameplay recording !

I’m talking about my experiences with setting up the Pimax 5k+ and trying out games.

I have manually created english subtitles for the non german speakers. That took me 2 extra hours !

In the video I also mention and solve some problems with the Pimax not being tracked or Display Port issues.

For the ones with no time or people with short attention span - jump to 4:53

Have fun and enjoy. Turn on subtitles in the lower right YT corner !


The low frame rate is not an issue while playing. I don’t think the cause is my old CPU and RAM because the CPU % in fpsVR was around 40% and RAM usage about 7GB.
I have used quite high PiTool and SS values because I tried to get rid of the shimmering edges on fences and roads signs. Tried AA game settings but they had big impact on FPS.

The IPD setting procedure is not very good right now. It was much better in the Oculus Rift because they displayed small lines to adjust the picture to your eyes.

On the Pimax it only shows an semi transparent overlay window in the middle of your view with the IPD distance.
That’s a bad place because you want to look in the middle to check if the picture looks good and that window is in the way.



Hey thanks for the important info that you can set up with 1 base roomscale. And your DeLorean is incredible!

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Thank you too. :slight_smile:
Maybe the last SteamVR beta update (a few days ago) fixed that setup problem ?
I mean for roomscale you still should use two base stations.
Tracking is working, even when BS is behind you but I woould recommend two BD for large 360 degree roomscale.

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Instant erection looking in that compost bin!

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Lmao. Good job he checked.

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With your cpu compare it the Bottleneck site @D3Pixel. While fpsVR didn’t show my i5 6500 being stressed withbtge 1080 ti. It was bottlenecking it by uo to 42%.

What do you mean by that ?
And how did you find out your CPU was 42% bottlenecked ?

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Yesterday I had just powered down all the devices and left them over night.
I wanted to use the Pimax again today but it was not recognised anymore in PiTool !

USB and DP again says disconnected and only red LED on top.

Tried replugging and different ports. -> Not working !
Pushed in the headset cable on top of the HMD again -> Not working !
Restarted PC and Pimax headset. -> Not working !
Then the PC did not recognised my USB mouse and keyboard anymore after the reboot.

Came back after I unplugged the headset cables.

Damn, what the hell is going on ?

The solution was:
Pulled out the headset cable on top of the HMD and reinserted it -> Recognised by PiTool again -> Working !

That cable is an issue !


Tool linked by D3Pixel in this post:


Very useful :slight_smile:

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Re: the strap. It looks like you have that quite loose. Try shortening the length of the top strap, so that back part of the strap sits snugly on the crown of your head.

That’s how I have it, and it is quite comfortable and very secure.

Always room for improvement, of course :smiley:


Bottleneck Calculator here as posted by @D3Pixel


See poorman’s deluxe headstrap. :wink::+1::sparkles:

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Damn, you should patent that!

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Alright, I managed to get the headset tighter to my face and now the view is much better (don’t gets blurry anymore).

I have tightened all the straps. But now it’s less comfortable.
After a while I get the red marks on my face when I take the headset off :slight_smile:

I have fixed the AA problem with Dirt Rally too.

8x MSAA in game with most of the detail settings to low or medium.

PiTool at 1.0 and SteamVR SS at 50%

Picture is crisp now with about 45 FPS.
But damn the game is sickness inducing…

Tried out 180 and 360 adult entertainment videos and they are nice to watch. :innocent:
But on skin tones I can see the RGB stripes in the pixels which gives a bit distraction.
I think the video was not good enough for me to get distracted by that then. :grin:

Watching videos is ok now. It was not ok with the Rift for me.

Core i7-3770K (Clock speed at 100%) with GeForce RTX 2080 (Clock speed at 100%) x1 will produce 27.61% of bottleneck.

Well, it’s running good so far and I don’t have anymore money to spend. :wink:


Reminds me when I switched from my 23 year old Ex, to my 23 stone wife, really hurts on the face some times I have to tapout as cant breath and fov was always heartbreaking compared to the perfect swan (I miss her) … The front pressure can be to much and absolutely feel your pain

Hopefully you get the new audio strap, I hope my wife looses 18 buckles on her belt/strap = bottleneck


Yeah since to upgrade cpu & mobo down the road. I would reccommend Ryzen 5 or 7. Your gpu is great but unfortunately the cpu is holding you back.

Check out my poor man’s deluxe headstrap. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

I think we could make custom paterns to replicate the one from Rift IPD adjustment. I may try to do it later, I’ll come back if I manage to do it.


Virtual desktop & other similar programs could be good. Even the Eyechart enviroment might be good.

It is quite clear that he is trying to wear the strap like he is used to wear his Rift - that won‘t work. The back part of the head strap on the Rift sits lower than you should have it with the Pimax/Vive flexible head strap. Unfortunately I lost the patience watching the video because he was busy dealing with issues he will figure out within another couple of hours.

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