Pimax 5k+ "brick" after failed firmware update?


I have problem with my 5k+ after this new version.

My HMD was working good and no problems before trying to install update. I was running version. So then started to install newer version and it took like 2 hours and i clicked cancel.

Now HMD is blinking Red blue and green leds next to power button. PiTool gives error 10500 with Plugin USB and Plugin HDMI/DP.

Its not shown anywhere. Device manager is empty and DFU.exe shows none. I have Nvidia RTX 2070 with 441.08 Driver version.

What should i do to fix this? I’ve watched that Sweviver youtube video and that didn’t help. PIMAX FOR DUMMIES #1: Getting Started with Pimax 8K & 5K+, Tweaks, Hints & Firmware Update Tutorial - YouTube


Not sure what You’ve tried but I would do the following (and actually I did, with luck, when mine did the same):

  • Power off the HMD by holding the power button
  • Reboot the PC
  • Start PiTool
  • Power on the HMD
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Unistall pitools. Restart computer and reinstall pitools.


You could also just disable PiServiceLauncher service (set it to “manual”), reboot and then start the service again (set it back to “automatic”).

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