[Pimax 5k+] Black Display Problem with Nolo VR controllers and Pitool v1.0.1.180beta + headset v2.1.255.212


I’m still waiting for my Pimax controller and in waiting, I have the Nolo controller.

All the controllers are recognised on steam VR and the VR Display view, the setting is fully working HOWEVER

The image doesn’t display on the Pimax 5kplus !!! its all black , but when I disconnect the headset marker, the image display to the Pimax but no controller anymore.

Can you tell me how to make the Nolo VR compatible with pitool, please ?


@park might have some ideas on getting this work.

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Hi, I have the 5K+ and Nolo CV1 working good together.


hi please can you tell me

Pittol version
Cv1 firmware version
Computer OS
What extra setting
etc .

because you can see here : Headset not visible - NOLO Forums

Thanks a lot for your help

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Hi, Did you see my reply ? can you please tell me what is your Pitool version please ?

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hi, i didnt see you answer

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hi, pitool 132 and 180 / win10 / nolo latest firmware
Works perfectly

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Pitool 180
CV1 latest firmware version 2 months ago, cannot check anymore with the latest Nolo home, it doesn’t display anymore the version when you put the mouse over the device…
Windows 10 1903 and now 1909.

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Hi but when I updated the firmware a while ago Nolo had to downgrade because not compatible !!! how it works on yours ? do you have the firmware number ?

As I said, Nolo Home in its current version doesn’t display anymore the firmware version of components, but I found it in my post in the Nolo forum, back in July:

  • Headset: 2.4
  • Base: 3.2
  • Controllers: 2.5