PIMAX 5k BE/XR OLED = Worth the wait!

I have been quite vocal regarding the terrible delivery and communication updates since mid February.

Read many people saying the Screen door this or that as if wanting to dissuade people from purchasing this version of the Pimax line.

This headset provided exactly what I wanted and expected. I have tested the 8k and I do agree it offer less screen door. However, the colors were subpar to the current available headsets. Now, with the latest Pitool options people have the ability to tweak contrast and brightness, kudos Pimax for offering users those options.

I was very pleased with my Samsung’s Odyssey screendoor, I mainly wanted larger FOV, meaning I would sacrifice the promise of less SDE as long as I could just get the same level of color fidelity of the Samsung Odyssey. And boy does it delivers! For those that stated that the SDE is like the original vive, the answer is no, they are all incorrect. It is very similar to the Vive Pro/Odyssey. It is really sharp image. Obviously on far away distance is where you see the limits of the display resolution and pixel density. Here is where the ‘Pentile’ patter arrangement become most prominent.

Testing games like Vanishing Realms, Space Pirate trainer, Robo Recall, changes any concept of what VR should be. Although those experiences where fine on gen 1 HMDs, having a wider FOV changes everything. Not having to worry about color, contrast, blacks and just enjoy the larger FOV makes it for me at least not have any trades offs, instead I have gains.

I did spent some time dealing with IPD settings to get the image as optimal as possible. But after some tweaking it was all good. This Pimax HMDS can become enthusiast dream! With the engineers making constant updates and actually listening to their base, it is allowing to create a symbiotic relation. Tools and options have been provided that other usually companies tend to take longer to comply.

I am curious how much further Pimax will offer us continued fine tuning of these HMDs. But from the looks of things they are invested on making this line of HMD’s become more relevant within the ever crowded VR field

I will say this, to anyone considering a BE/XR Pimax. It is worth it. The screendoor will be on par with the Vive Pro but with a wider FOV. If colors and blacks are important and SDE of Vive Pro is good for you, I will suggest get the Oled over the 8k and 5k+

If you value less screendoor as the main deciding factor, the OLED should not be the choice.

A solid 8 out of 10 to this Unit. Comfort can be better and more software fine tuning required


Great to hear your happy with your 5k Xr.


That is due to folks not understanding it should be between Vive & Vive pro. SDE will be on par with Deepoon E3 & Pimax B1 as both use QHD oled screens.


I agree completely. I love mine so far.


I received my ‘BE/XR’ yesterday, there is no BE or XR branding on the box or the headset, it says Model: P2 on, but the delivery packaging says both Model:P2 on one sticker, and on another side it says ‘Pimax 5KBE+UK’ on… has there been a screw up or is your XR unbranded and called a P2 as well?!

P2 as @park explained is the production series. The P1 represents the p4k & B1 headsets.

Both the 5k+, 5kXR(BE) 8k models are P2 series headsets.

Congrats on receiving. @anon74848233 please add to earlybackers. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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Having dug into it a bit it sounds like I need to know what the SKU is for the OLED models. I have 20160912XXXXX, which I understand means it was made in the 12th week of 2019, which is a good start, but the 20160 would need to correspond to the XR/BE. Sweviver’s pre-production model has the BE logo whereas mine is completely blank on the front.

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Dallas would be able to annswer better on serial designation. Though it is likely will identify in pitool. (But may need pitool 121)

My 5kxr from today has no logo either on the front,and the blacks are not that black…

maybe you got the 5k+?
mine has the BE logo

the screendoor is worse,so its not a 5kplus…
but the blacks are not that black either…

interesting, the blacks are very black. and you can make them darker with the new pitool

did you try the bluevr(with those fish) how is the dark scene on your headset?

The blu was the very first thing i tested and the deep sea squid area is completely black

strange thats more dark grey here

if you dont have the BE symbol, you may not have the XR/BE. When you connect it on Pitool, does it show as BE/XR?

yes it does say XR…

do you have a Vive, samsung Odyssey, Vive pro? If so, it should be comparable to those. How do you find the blacks on those?

If the Pimax blacks arent comparable, perhaps you have faulty displays

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@john2910 @VR-TECH what are the first 8 digits of your serial number?

mine starts with 201600912