Pimax 5k+ awesome review!

I made my pre order in November 2018, been following pimax for a while, just not in time to be a backer, but for a pre order.
Before buying i saw a lot of reviews from people on the net, and even the first prototypes had great reviews, so i decided to buy my pimax 5k+.
Never had a vr set, so im a bit new on this.
First impression when opening the box, is that everything was tidy and well arranjed in the box, so thats a plus.
The set is even more impressive live than in pictures, i like de design a lot, and was impressed on the weight, something so large and i was expecting more weight, so my neck thanks you guys.
Unboxed it at work and tryed it there, but was out of luck, my work pitool had some problem installing because of my work firewall, so all my colleges were disapointed…
Got home and tryed it in my MSI geforce GTX 1080, and what was my disapointment when it didnt work. Started searching online and discovered that had to do a firmware upgrade on my graphic card because had to unlock the display port, did it and all went well, started seeing the planet, and what a first sight it was!
the most impressive thing is the FOV, its amazing.
Installed steam VR, and tryed some free stuff.
Started with a roller coaster game.
The game immersion is amazing! It really seems that you are inside it, just lack the feeling of the wind and weight, the rest is all there.
Then the best one, Elite Dangerous.
It had been a while that ive played that game, but everyone told me that it was really good, so i installed it again and put it in vr mode and got prepared to be impressed.
But nothing could prepare me for that.
The immersion of the game is amazing, everything looks bigger. If you take away the distance bettween your eyes and the screen, it really looks that you are there. That game takes VR to the limit, it really seems that you are inside a spaceship.
Another thing that amazes me is nextVR.
I use it to watch wrestling, and WOW, what an experience.
It seems that i am inside the action, too bad that the video does not have enough quality, but its good enough.
On the cons side i can say that since the resolution of pimax 5k+ is so high, if the video does not have enough quality, it is really bad to watch it with it, too bad that most videos online have so bad quality.
Also when the video is really dark i see some white points blinking on the screen, i dont know if its a problem with my set or if its like that to everyone, but playing games i dont notice it at all.


Good review!

Brave choice for a first VR HMD.

“awesome review!” - this made me smile :grin: