Pimax 5k+/8k IPD?

Hi Pimax,

In the kickstarter comments you have repeatedly stated that the upper ipd adjustment is 75mm. Users are reporting that the maximum is 72 or 73mm. Is that true? Is there a difference between the 5k+and 8k?

I… can’t use an IPD of 73mm. That’[s what my Vive is, and it is just a little too narrow for my ~75.5 IPD to use without becoming nauseated.


Let’s call attention to this thread. @deletedpimaxrep1 @Pimax-Support

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The IPD range on the two I’ve had are:

1st 5K+: 59.9 - 69.4
Replacement 5K+: 60.2 - 73


Wow. That’s a lot more variation than I would have expected. Worse still, neither reached 75. I’m fine, my IPD is ~68 (self measured).


Thanks @neal_white_iii.

Any idea how long Pimax typically wait to reply? Do they in general?

It varies considerably. It HAS gotten better lately. If you use an @ in front of a user’s name (like I did above), it is significantly more likely that you will get a reply.

The range of IPD
Support the range from 55 to 75 with mechanical adjustment (60 - 73) & self-adaption

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Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. How do you adjust to 75mm of ipd? Once the range is maxed out at 73mm,what do you do?

Any difference between the 5k plus and 8k for ipd?

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The 5K Plus and 8K have no difference in IPD

The 55-75mm is the total range of adjustment.Adaptive is included

The maxed out at 73mm you may talk about Adaptive range?


I’m sorry, but I still do not understand. If the adjustable range is up to 73mm, how do you adjust it to 75mm? How do you end up claiming 75mm as the range of the product?

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